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Dec 13 2021
Christian Walker — The Anti-Stacey Abrams — Shits His Dad's Bed In Cartoonish Rant Comments (0)

Christian-walker-herschel-crying-givenchy-gas-boyculture-gayThis face should be in every Democratic ad in '22. (Image via video still)

Christian Walker — the flamboyant influencer son of former football star and now Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker — will really put you in touch with any latent homophobia you may harbor.

In an embarrassing and unnecessary video released over the weekend, the aggressively spoiled brat made a huge display out of complaining that people were not gonna spend $100 for gas ... while wearing a $1,200+ Givenchy sweatshirt.

Called out, he — incredibly — released a video mocking people for not being able to afford the nice things he can afford. Which he can only afford because his daddy is stupid-rich. And he did this with gusto after an economic downturn that is in the process of being righted, following the onset of a still-raging pandemic.

A lot of Walker's voters feel this way, but this will NOT endear some hoped-for crossovers from Sen. Raphael Warnock's voter rolls.

Just ... appalling. And I write that after a five years of escalating abominations: