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Dec 04 2021
Earthen Vessels Of A Lesser Congressman + School Shooter's Parents Nabbed + Inside The Best Madonna Photo Exhibition Ever + RIP Antony Sher + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Let us give thanks for Jeff Bridges.

BELOW: Keep reading for Madison Cawthorn's abortion-wrongs argument, the parents of that school shooter are arrested, an incredible Madonna exhibition and more  ...

BoycultureHow to Build Muscle at HomeI earn nothing from this bonus ad. (Image via our collective gay past)

TWITTER: This insane rant by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-South Carolina) uses an utterly insipid argument on abortion, comparing an embryo to a developing Polaroid photo. (Uh, in his example, the person who destroys the picture is a stranger, whereas in reality, we are talking about photographers destroying their own work, but I digress.) He rambles on about the Bible as if the U.S. were already a theocracy, and goes on to call women “earthen vessels of God.”

JOE.MY.GOD.: Michigan school shooter's dirtbag parents caught hiding in a commercial building, $500K bond set.

SOCIALITE LIFE: George Clooney is so flush he turned down $35M for a day's work.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Retro studs to cleanse the palate.

INSTAGRAM (ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA): Check out this new photo exhibition of the work of Kenji Wakasugi. He was given 40 or so minutes to shoot Madonna while she was in Japan promoting Like a Virgin. She happened to arrive looking utterly amazing, and his skill combined with her BOY TOY style and beauty led to a series of stuhhhnning photos that were barely used or seen — until now.

EXTRATV: Gay Shakespearean actor Antony Sher — who with Gregory Doran became one of the first couples in the U.K. to enter into a legal, same-sex civil union in 2005 — has died of cancer at 72. Sher, also remembered for film work, including in Shakespeare in Love and the 1996 gay May-December romance Alive & Kicking — had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year, and Doran, artistic director at the Royal Shakespeare Company, took a leave of absence to care for him. The two had legally wed in 2015.

Antony-sher-autograph-boyculture-gaySher played every important male Shakespeare role. (Image via RSC)