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Dec 03 2021
DNA Lottery Winner + Julian Morris Comes Out, Showers Love On Partner Of 18 Years + School Shooter's Parents Charged + SCREAM Posters + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If I were him, that would be my driver's license photo.

BELOW: Keep reading for a DNA lottery winner, Julian Morris comes out, the Michigan school shooter's parents are charged and more ...

DNA-shirtless-muscles-boycultureThe imagination is overrated anyway. (Image via DNA)

DNA: The 2 Image-by-matthew-rettenmund-boyculture63rd issue of DNA is here. I wonder how many guys own them all?

ONLYFANS: My OnlyFans of photography is just $9.99 a month, and nice way to tip your blogger while receiving some naked pictures. I can't put it any more simply.

FACEBOOK: Marc Shaiman is scoring Billy Eichner's Bros:

When I first read that Billy Eichner was doing a gay rom-com (and casting the movie with a gaggle of LGBTQ+ performers), I wrote him and producer Judd Apatow to say “Firstly, I’m king of the rom-coms, and secondly I’m gay as a goose! You simply MUST hire me for this!” And lo and behold, they did. Thank you Billy and Judd! I’m so happy all those years of having sex with men has finally paid off!!

INSTAGRAM: Actor Julian Morris comes out in an (18th!) anniversary post directed at his partner Landon Ross.

USA TODAY: Parents of Michigan school shooter charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter for making guns “freely available” to him.

Underwear-kenneth-212-boyculture-caption-meI could 42nd eat ... (Image via Kenneth in the (212)

KENNETH IN THE (212): I'd love to caption the fuck out of that.

EBAY: When guys were so F hot they just had to pose unselfconsciously in their underwear to get you CRAZED.

NEWSWEEK: Jesus Christ ... Newsweek has really, really fallen.

TWITCH: At 6:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 4, click the link for an exclusive cast Q&A about the new Scream movie.

Scream-david-arquette-boyculture(Images via Paramount)

CNN: Amy Schneider becomes the first trans contestant on Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions.

CLICK2HOUSTON: Plumber finds wads of cash and checks stuffed into a wall at Joel Osteen's mega-church.

VIENNA'S CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD: Film critic Leonard Maltin is opening up about his lifelong obsession with the movies, how he landed his first celebrity interview (with George Stevens) and how he began writing books.

Leonard-maltin-ginger-rogers-boycultureMister/Rogers (Image via Leonard Maltin)