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Dec 21 2021
Bryan Singer Trashed (Again) + Chris Noth Finds No AND JUST LIKE THAT ... Support + Trump Wants Vax Credit, Gets Booed For Being Boostered + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Are you a Golden Palace fan? The diluted Golden Girls sequel is coming to Hulu and is probably still worth a watch.

Mark-jennings-porn-underwear-shirtless-boycultureBonus fleshback to adult star Mark Jennings (Image via TCS)

BELOW: Keep reading for another Bryan Singer slam, Chris Noth finds no support via the And Just Like That ... ladies, a call to execute Dr. Fauci, the aftermath of Manchin fucking with Biden's agenda and more ...

VARIETY: Bryan Singer has Blake-stuerman-bryan-singer-boyculture-variety-gay-abuseproven nearly unstoppable in spite of numerous #MeToo allegations — though he was basically scrubbed from the finished product in press interviews, his Bohemian Rhapsody was an Oscar fave. But will he direct again? Not if people like Blake Stuerman are heard. Stuerman, now 30, has written a detailed account of his yearslong sexual relationship with the X-Men director, explaining why he feels it was physically and emotionally abusive, even if it was barely legal.

Like the men who accused Michael Jackson of molestation after having defended him for years, Stuerman is a former Singer apologist. No more.


I could never have predicted what came next, it all happened so fast. I heard loud yelling coming toward me. When I turned, I saw Bryan charging toward us screaming very angrily. He violently attacked one of the guests near me. I grabbed Bryan and took him back into the house. His eyes were wild and full of rage. I had never seen him like this before. We went to his room and he slammed the door. I found a shattered lamp on the floor and began picking up the pieces. “I’ll fucking kill you if you leave me.” Those were his exact words. I had never witnessed or experienced physical violence before meeting Bryan.

Sarah-jessica-parker-kristin-davis-cynthia-nixon-chris-noth-rape-sexual-assault-boycultureUnited front (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis of And Just Like That ... have issued a joint statement of regret regarding the three allegations of rape and other sexual abuse lodged against Chris Noth.

CNN: One of many positives about our idols aging is some of them gain wisdom. Brian May of Queen, battling COVID-19 in spite of being vaccinated and boosted, has taken to social media to beg his followers to get “jabbed,” saying his bout has been miserable and he fears he might not have recovered as well (or at all) had he not been vaxxed.

ABC NEWS: President Biden announces plan to mail 500M free rapid COVID-19 tests to Americans who want them.

HUFF POST: After Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) singlehandedly tanked Biden's (popular!) Build Back Better Act by saying he can't vote for it — after saying he could — he was trashed by various Dems. Speaker Pelosi held her fire, offering a glimmer of hope that perhaps parts of the bill would be salvaged, but his action (or his pledged inaction) is historically traitorous to his party and, I would argue, to his country. Not to let those 50 Republicans off the hook. Now, the Dems are hoping to move forward and get ... something ... out of Manchin, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vows there will be a vote on the Senate floor to force Manchin to vote against the package on the record.

TWITTER: Trump tried to take credit for the speedy creation of the vaccine, but didn't want to suggest people HAD to take it, but then got booed for admitting he was boosted. He wants it all ways.

TWITTER: Jesse Watters, speaking at AmericaFest, suggests removing Dr. Fauci via “a kill shot — deadly,” and repeats, “He is dead! He is dead! He's done!” 

KENNETH IN THE (212): Taking manspreading to a whole 'notha level.

NEW YORKER: Good God! Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood scored Licorice Pizza, Spencer AND The Power of the Dog.

YOUTUBE: The new FOX series Pivoting includes Maggie Q as an LGBTQ character:

FILM COMMENT: Yikes, the list of Best Film of 2021 from Film Comment is pretty esoteric. With the ridiculously pretentious, unwatchable Memoria at the top, this list isn't for me. Is it for you?

A&U: A new book offers young readers a chance to learn about activist Cleve Jones and the historic AIDS quilt.

Stitch-aids-quilt-hiv-ya-cleve-jones-rob-sanders-jamey-christoph-gay-boyculturePatchy reading (Magination Press Children's Books)