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Nov 11 2022
He's A Handful + Mark Kelly Wins Arizona + Gay South Dakota Wins Big + Elon Musk Sets Fire To Twitter + Aaron Carter's Dead-Disrespectful Memoir + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Leo's almost 50?!

BELOW: Keep reading for a guy who really gets a grip, the youth vote, a gay winner and more ...

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Nov 10 2022
Wrestling With Sexuality + Gay-Rights Forefather + Kevin McHale McNaked + Gen Z, Lauren Boebert & Other Election Tidbits + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Look, I want the election to be over, too, but it's not. Some very big-deal races are uncalled. Might as well have a cute guy tell us this news.

BELOW: Keep reading for naked guys, the naked truth about the midterms and more ...

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Nov 09 2022
Senate, House — A Long, Long Night Comments (0)

With control of the House and Senate still up in the air, I have very little to offer that would pass as expert soothsaying. There are also simply too many links to consider posting to too many sources who do, or who may, know what is in store.

But overall, what is clear is that there was no red wave, just a Floridian red mirage (Florida is Mississippi now, eek). The House is going to end up either barely, barely Democratic, or barely Republican — no mandate, and a historically positive performance for a Democrat in a midterm race. Like, the media doesn't want to accept it, but Biden is a historically successful president.

I went to bed being told Kari Lake would lose Arizona, but woke up realizing she is probably favored to win. Which sucks, but the more essential race is Mark Kelly there, and he is outperforming Katie Hobbs.

If Dems hold Arizona, the two races of import are Nevada — where they trail, but there are supposedly up to 100K votes outstanding, which would make it feasible for Cortez Masto to prevail narrowly — and Georgia. In Georgia, we won, but Warnock is just under 50%, necessitating a run-off. It is my guess that a run-off would favor Warnock because there would be no Kemp on the ticket to help Walker, and because it might even decide Senate control (again).

It's over if we lose both Nevada and Arizona. I guess Biden would be on the phone to Murkowski. (Wish she'd switch.)

Last night was harrowing. I started semi-okay, read dire projections from MSM, then was eagerly hanging on ever bit of news. And there was so, so much good news, from surprise wins to surprise margins, Fetterman taking Pennsylvania and most governorships (other than Arizona) going Dems' way.

Currently, Boebert is flirting with defeat in a presumed-safe district, but I keep hearing the very few remaining votes are Republican-leaning, so she's still on track to maybe eke it out.

Sadly, it seems clear now that Dems very well could have won Wisconsin and even North Carolina with more outside effort. Wisconsin in particular was painfully close, considering they re-elected a Democratic governor and yet seem to have fallen just short of handing Mandela Barnes a historic upset. One to watch.

I really hope we retain the Senate, and while the House would be a dream, it's also dreamy to have kept it so fucking close — that will matter when the next Speaker, if R, tries to behave as if he or she has a mandate (and no, McCarthy is not a shoo-in for that role). Maybe some California races will pan out for us and we'll retain the House. Would be ... unreal.

How did you like the results near you?

Nov 08 2022
Man Alive, Chris Evans Is The Sexiest + Qatari Star Slams Gay aPeople Ahead Of World Cup + Trump Slams Pelosi + THE WHALE Trailer Drops + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hope everyone voted. Looks rough out there, and hoping for a win or two.

BELOW: Keep reading for the Sexiest Man Alive, Trump dragging Nancy Pelosi and more ...

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Vote Today Comments (0)


... and #VoteBlue.

Nov 07 2022
Hard-Bodied At Work + Election Tea Leaves + Mineshaft's Man-iversary + Russia Gleefully ADMITS It Tampers With U.S. Elections + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Tomorrow is the day. Let's just fucking win.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot guys who work, reading the tea leaves, a Mineshaft milestone and more ...

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Nov 04 2022
Dolly Parton Achieves Rock Hall Status + Kyrie Irving Apologizes, Kanye Doubles Down On Anti-Semitism, Billy Porter On Toxic Masculinity + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Maybe it really was just Adam & Adam?

BELOW: Keep reading for Dolly in the Rock Hall of Fame, Kyrie and Kanye hating Jews more each day, Billy Porter on breaking into music and more ...

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Nov 03 2022
Oprah Disses Oz By Saying She'd Vote For Fetterman If She Lived In Pennsylvania Comments (0)

Oprah Winfrey has belatedly endorsed John Fetterman in the close Pennsylvania Senate race. Let's hope it helps. Things have gone south for Dems in the polls these past couple of weeks.