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Jan 03 2022
Tennis Thighs + Richard Madden's Body Buffet + RIP Jim Toy + Trumps Subpoenaed + Trans Woman's JEOPARDY! Winning Streak + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No mystery why this pic makes me feel better about 2022. For now.

BELOW: Keep reading for quite a nice spread, the Trumps in jeopardy, a trans winner on Jeopardy! and much more ...

Jan-lennard-struff-boycultureHe is, I think, Alexander Zverev. (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Boys got some LAIGS.

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Richard Madden, all spread out.

L.A. BLADE: Jim Toy, who is considered by most to be the very first resident of Michigan to come out publicly as gay (in 1970), died on New Year's Day at 91.

HUFF POST: Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. have all been subpoenaed in New York. Have fun, kids.

EXTRATV: I bet these morons thing getting married means they can't testify against each other.

MSNBC: The Senate is nearing a vote on tweaking the filibuster and tackling Build Back Better and voting rights. We're fucking if neither passes.

TWITTER: NYC's new imbecile mayor, Eric Adams, thinks we just need to swagger our way out of COVID-19.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R, of course) — one of the most vile anti-vaxxers in public office, the guy who said old people should be happy to die for the economy, is now sick with COVID-19. Dan Patrick is 71 years of age.

PINK NEWS: A South Carolina man who had consensual gay sex is forced to register as a sex offender.

THE RANDY REPORT: Amy Schneider is now the woman with the highest winnings ever on Jeopardy!

JUST JARED: No, fuckwits, Betty White (who understood gay men) did not get boosted three days before her death, did not issue a quote about getting boosted and did not die because she got boosted. What a dumb rumor. White would have been boosted a couple of months ago at least, and she was 99 fucking years old. 

GR8ERDAYS: A fun list of everything and everyone who is (or would've been) turning 100 in 2022!

9AhRBoth would be hitting the big 1-0-0! (GIF via GIPHY)