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Jan 29 2022
Red-Hot Storm Chaser + Book Banning Heats Up + Liza & Lorna Reminisce About Judy + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Somehow, splendid Katharine Ross is on her FIFTH husband in Sam Elliott, yet still has had time to be married to him for almost 37 years.

BELOW: Keep reading for a cute meteorologist, Liza & Lorna together, COVID stupidity and more ...

Matthew-cappucci-myradar-cape-cod-blizzard-hot-meteorologist-boycultureMaking sure he's on your radar (Image via video still)

TWITTER: Yes, there is a terrible East Coast blizzard underway. We have 6" in NYC so far, but Cape Cod is staring down two feet. I would not object to looking at MyRadar meteorologist Matthew Cappucci's 6" — or even his two feet.

Cappucci published a book about his storm-chasing adventures.

KIMA TV: To-kill-mockingbird-harper-lee-boycultureSpeaking of books, they're being banned right — and left. To Kill a Mockingbird has been removed from the required reading list in a Washington State school's curriculum because (checks notes) it's too white-saviory. A junior said:

I want to learn and get a good grade in this class but it's also kind of weird to be talking about this ... I think the lessons and ideas of racial injustice are super important, To Kill a Mockingbird, at least how we teach it, is not the best sample. The way we teach it now is just really uncomfortable and almost invasive.

Weird and uncomfortable shouldn't be strikes against material in an educational setting. If everything goes down easy, it's not learning, it's indoctrination. The book was recently chosen as the best book written in the past 125 years.

Liza-minnelli-lorna-luft-et-boyculture-gr8erdaysSister act (Image via video still)

GR8ERDAYS: I never thought we'd see Liza and Lorna together again, reminiscing about their late mom. I wouldn't count on it to happen many more times, either. They're together on the occasion of promo for the June launch of a fragrance that smells like mama — Judy.

VARIETY: He's done some great stuff as a humanitarian, but Sean Penn is a violent jerk, and the perfect example of toxic masculinity — a phrase he reviles because, um:

I think that men have, in my view, become quite feminized. I have these very strong women in my life who do not take masculinity as a sign of oppression toward them. There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.

Fuck. We let this guy play Harvey Milk and get an Oscar for it. P.S. While saying this, his daughter Dylan was described as becoming quiet and staring into space.

NYDN: I'll never understand how people in the medical profession can be anti-vaxxers, but I guess it's mostly non-doctors? On Long Island (which is currently buried in snow), a pediatric nurse got caught in a $900K fake-card scam ... and now there is the suggestion her NYPD hubby knew. (Did his friends and associates avail themselves of fake cards? It does not surprise me cops are anti-vaxxers. The dumb fucks in NYC were out in full force mourning the loss of two officers ... by parading in and out of every bodega unmasked, but in uniform.)

YAHOO! NEWS: Washington State is mulling whether to make it illegal for elected officials to knowingly lie about election outcomes. (The tweet above nicely connects the last two posts!)

NYT: And then you have the opposite end of the human spectrum, a scientist like Johan Hultin, who — beginning in 1950 — persuaded a remote Inuit village to allow him to dig up victims of the 1918 Spanish flu so that he might remove parts of their lungs in order to map the genetic material of the virus that wiped out countless people. He was successful, but not until 1997. He just died at 97.

SF CHRONICLE: Spotify lost $4B in market value this week, thanks to its decision to back Joe Rogan over Neil Young and now Joni Mitchell. (Note: Both Young and Mitchell had polio as kids so may be especially sensitive to anti-vaxxerism.) So, good. But also, so, the stock market is a mirage.

HUFF POST: Even former Fox News harpy Gretchen Carlson now sees that her former employer's buoying of conspiracy theories will “not end well.”

TWITTER: The hair game!

VARIETY: These Best Actress Oscar predix are depressing because while I liked a lot of these perfs, I think Variety's #11-15 slate and #6-10 slate would be more satisfying than its #1-5 slate! That Renate Reinsve is so far from being a shoo-in is a travesty. Watch The Worst Person in the World anyway.

Worst-person-renate-reinsve-boycultureThe best of the best (Image via Oslo Pictures)