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Jan 02 2022
Luke Evans Bares His Sole + A WONDERFUL Death + Linda Lavin Talks ALICE + My 9 + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Why did so many movies of the not really THAT distant past choose dates in the relatively near future in which to set their dystopian messes?!

BELOW: Keep reading for Luke Evans flaunting all but a few measly inches of his body, Linda Lavin is still alive even if Betty White is not, my 9 and more ...

Luke-evans-feet-shirtless-boycultureWhile you're cautious at the grocery store, Luke is gallivanting around Colombia. (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: I guess Attitude-shirtless-boyculture-tom_prior I'm more cautious re COVID-19 than I think, because the thought of a pleasure trip to Colombia (or, really, almost any foreign country) during a pandemic does make me nervous.

But Luke Evans is using it as an excuse to beef up his foot-fetish content.

EXTRATV: Aw, one of the It's a Wonderful Life kids died on New Year's Eve.

GR8ERDAYS: A wonderful chat with Linda Lavin about the importance of being Alice on that iconic series.

KENNETH IN THE (212): The week's mags.

INSTAGRAM: Fun times with my Top 9.

NATIONAL FILE: Jack Murphy, a right-wing goon who coaches men on how to be alphas, has been exposed has having performed sex acts on camera for money, including butt stuff. Like, his butt stuff. Now, conservatives are re-thinking the whole Jack-Murphy-is-a-stud thing, when they should probably be re-thinking the whole putting-stuff-in-your-butt-is-gross thing.

Jack-murphy-boycultureSounds like this'll be his second cancellation. (Image via social media)