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Jan 20 2022
John Cena: Body Beautiful Comments (0)

John Cena is naked again — and MrMan is here for it ...

Check out his beautiful bulge and beefy buns in the trending series Peacemaker on HBO Max.

Wrestler turned actor Cena followed in his former competitor The Rock’s footsteps, cashing in on his good looks to become one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood.

Also like The Rock, Cena has hefty heavyweight haunches, and isn’t afraid to show off his moneymaker on camera! He shows off his big hard ass and uses his erect penis as a towel rack in Trainwreck, and gets very close to Chris Romano’ actual cock and balls in Tour de Pharmacy.

Plus, see John Cena’s bountiful butt in Blockers and Vacation Friends, as well as his truly insane bulge (visible ball and cock outline alert!) in The Suicide Squad. We’ve Cena lot from John … and we want to see even more ... !