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Jan 12 2022
RIP Chris Dickerson, Bodybuilding Trailblazer + Biden Speaks Out For Voting Rights + Kanye Now Cuddling Up To Putin + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: When eras collide!

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay Black bodybuilding legend's passing, Kanye gets WORSE, Biden comes out swinging for voting rights and more ...

Chris-dickerson-boycultureStrong impression (Image via Muscular Development Magazine)

NYT: RIP Chris Dickerson. The bodybuilder was a trailblazer as a Black gay man in the macho sport.

HUFF POST: President Biden comes out swinging for voting rights.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Jesus, Kanye West is an even bigger POS that previously suspected — he's branching out into Russian and embracing iron-fisted Putin. All he cares about is self-aggrandizement and money.

THR: Yes, the Oscars are happening. And yes, they'll have a host.

PRIDESOURCE: Were Scream's Billy and Stu gay?!

ANGELIKA: If you're in NYC and still going out to movies, do give Potato Dreams of America a shot — it's one of my favorite movies I saw in '21 and it's getting much-deserved distribution in '22. It's about a gay youth from Russia growing up in the U.S. and is both hilarious and profound ... and it has Jonathan Bennett as Jesus!

Potato-dreams-america-jonathan-bennett-gay-boycultureJonathan Fucking Bennett! (Image via Angelika)