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Jan 28 2022
What A He-Man! + Student's Pro-Gay Art Likened To Nazism + The Dude Playing George Michael + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Kyle-allen-west-side-story-boycultureThe only superhero whose name establishes his pronouns. (Image via UA)

ABOVE: Just 'cuz Kyle Allen (front 'n' center) of West Side Story's just been cast as He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

BELOW: Keep reading for how being accepting of gay people is being likened to Nazism, Joe Exotic's tough break, the man playing George Michael and more ...

Gay-is-okay-art-boycultureDoesn't really pack the same punch as a swastika, does it? (Image via 11ALIVE)

11ALIVE: An Athens, Georgia, parent was repulsed when an elementary student's art declaring “GAY IS OK.” was displayed in a classroom. It was removed and an administrator compared the art to ... the Nazi flag.

TMZ: Oof! A court has knocked off just one year of Joe Exotic's 22-year sentence.

JOE.MY.GOD.: George-michael-craig-winberry-gay-musical-boycultureGay men who embrace Kanye even though he's a right-wing, far-right Evangelical nut job, does this move the needle at all: He's telling people Pete Davidson is gay and “has AIDS.”

KENNETH IN THE (212): Weekly mag roundup includes a Dallas Voice Q&A with Craig Winberry, who is playing the late, great George Michael in The Life and Music of George Michael.

HUFF POST: Hours before a nearby visit by President Biden to discuss infrastructure concerns, a Pittsburgh bridge collapsed.

INDIEWIRE: Renate Reinsve gave a performance for the ages in The Worst Person in the World, and we're talking about Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Hudson?