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Jan 03 2022
Maluma's Thighs + Dabney Coleman's Cake + Is January 6 Groundhog Day? + Bolsonaro Ailing + Gay Man's Assault Leaves Scars + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Well, hola, Maluma!

BELOW: Keep reading for Mr. Hart's caboose, Bolsonaro laid up, what has and hasn't happened since January 6 last year and more ...

What a way to make a livin'! (Images via video stills)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Yes, Dabney Coleman of 9 to 5 fame (1) is 90 years old as of today, (2) went naked in the movie Modern Problems, (3) had pretty much the perfect ass for a lying egotistical hypocritical bigot.

Peter-gadiot-nude-shirtlessTip well taken (Image via Instagram)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Speaking of which, Yellowjackets star Peter Gadiot is also gifted in the rear.

NYT: Rep. Marjorie-taylor-greene-twitter-boycultureMarjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) has been banned from Twitter — permanently.

AP: Associated Press delves into the violent, criminal past of right-wing martyr Ashli Babbitt, who died when she and so many others stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021:

In the months before her death, Babbitt had become consumed by pro-Trump conspiracy theories and posted angry screeds on social media. She also had a history of making violent threats.

HUFF POST: A year on from January 6, the Senate hasn't changed much. I keep wondering: If they'd gotten a hold of Romney (almost happened) or Pence (as they hoped) ... would things be any different?

NYDN: NYC man who was attacked for being gay says he's now afraid to show affection in public.

TWITTER: (Above) Insane anti-vaxxer is riding around in a police-type outfit as a protest against the, um, vaccine police ... and he's fully armed.

Bolsonaro-boycultureBolsonaro hospitalized with intestinal obstruction (Image via Twitter)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Okay, 2022, I want to like you — I'm listening.

YOUTUBE: “Who is Janet Jackson?” Extended (3:20!) trailer for JANET is here — doc is out January 28:

KENNETH IN THE (212): They call him thick_macho.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Prince Andrew faces internal exile over sex-assault case.

INSTAGRAM: I bought this Sunday News cover at a flea market years ago for peanuts and I love it.