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Jan 14 2022
PIVOTING Hottie + Broadway Understudies & Swings Have Their Day + Hot Stanley Stellar Exhibition Hits NYC + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The son also rises.

BELOW: Keep reading for OANN getting bad news, a Florida LGBTQ activist turns up dead, more Djokovic drama, still more Betty White and more ...

Jt-neal-pivoting-shirtless-boyculture-tv-foxIt doesn't suck! (Image via FOX)

INSTAGRAM: I am liking the new FOX series Pivoting. Cute. Fun. And sexy JT Neal is a supporting player.

Gio-benitez-theater-broadway-boycultureReady for their close-ups!(Images via video still)

YOUTUBE: Cute Gio Benitez reports on the flood of understudies taking center stage in the Omicron wave:

WOW REPORT: The body of Jorge Diaz-Johnston, a prominent Florida LGBTQ activist, was found in a landfill after he went missing January 3. Foul play is suspected.

ANOTHER MAGAZINE: A great look at the sexy, timeless work of Stanley Stellar. His The Piers opens today at Kapp Kapp in NYC (86 Walker St.).

THE WRAP: In a decision that could prove ruinous for the extreme-right network, DirecTV is dropping OANN.

HUFF POST: Michigan AG asks Dept. of Justice to investigate GOP state electors who signed off on fraud.

ADVOCATE: Senators are calling on the FDA to lift all restrictions against blood donation by gay men.

EXTRATV: Andrew stripped of his royal and military titles as he prepares to defend himself in Virginia Giuffre's rape case against him.

NYT: Right-wing douche Novak Djokovic's visa was canceled by Australia again, for “health and good order.”

Betty-White-betty-white-40067071-500-310Rose to the occasion (GIF via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: Incredible! A compilation of ALL of Rose's St. Olaf stories.

PEOPLE: Sinéad O'Connor sounds like she is in a desperate place following her son's suicide.

KENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ mags of the week:

Gloss-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-shirtless-pecs-boycultureThis is the “MLK Weekend Edition” cover?! (Image via Gloss)