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Jan 28 2022
STEAM! Heat: New Queer Musical Short Moseys Onto Comments (0)

Steam-gay-musical-boyculture-revry(Image via

Starting today on, you can check out the award-winning queer musical short Steam!, about a guy obsessed with the Old West to the point where he becomes fixated on a modern-day outlaw — and jeopardizes his relationship in the process.

The official description:

Lance — a millennial born a century late — loves the Old West even more than he loves his boyfriend. He lives out his fantasy by working as a conductor and tour guide on the historic Abercorn & Copperton Steam Railroad. One day, a mysterious man robs his train and Lance comes face to face with the kind of man he thought to be extinct — an outlaw. In a hormone fueled escapade, Lance chases his mystery man into the night, hoping that catching an outlaw will satisfy his constant thirst for adventure.

Directed by Jeffrey Simon, Steam! is a shotgun marriage of macho western and not-so-macho musical-theater culture, and stars Coby Getzug, Barrett Riggins and Liam Cronin.

The soundtrack is here. Social media: @thebarn.