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Feb 27 2022
Barry Williams On Robert Reed + RIP Leo Bersani & Nick Zedd + Romney: I HAVE MORONS ON MY TEAM + Luscious Grant Show + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: At CPAC, Trump was lobbed a softball question about whether he'd take up arms to defend the U.S. Even though a U.S. president would NEVER be in that situation, and he could have just said he would of course do it, Trump is such a fucking coward he couldn't even offer hypothetical bravery.

BELOW: Keep reading for Greg on Mike Brady, Leo Bersani & Nick Zedd RIP, more on the invasion of Ukraine and more ...

Brady-bunch-mike-greg-gay-boycultureWith a cigarette?!?! (Image via ABC)

METRO WEEKLY: Barry Williams — Greg from The Brady Bunch — is speaking out about the show's impact, and also about co-star Robert Reed's sexual orientation:

That was very difficult and unfair. You’re talking about a time period where there was a different … social consciousness and acceptability. Robert did not talk about it. He just didn’t. He was very private. He wasn’t out out, but I can say that when you work together for that many years that closely — and we spent more time together as a Brady family than we spent with our own families — you get to know a lot about everybody. There really aren’t any secrets, even if they’re not being shared.

U-of-c-press-boyculture-bersaniHe advocated for more, not less, sexual freedom — even in the face of AIDS. (Image via University of Chicago Press)

NYT: RIP Leo Bersani, 90. He was a scholar and writer who played an important role in debates about queer identity during the early years of HIV/AIDS. His most famous work: “Is the Rectum a Grave?”

INSTAGRAM: RIP to Nick Zedd, 63. He was the founder of the Cinema of Transgression, director of such films as The Manhattan Love Suicides (1985) and Terror Firmer (1999)

NYT: COVID-19 started in a wet market, not a lab.

ROLLING STONE: “I have morons on my team,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) says regarding the likes of Reps. Gosar (R-Arizona) & Taylor Greene (R-Georgia). Even the fucking National Review feels House GOP leadership must condemn Gosar and Taylor Greene.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) was the surprise speaker at a white nationalist event. Then, she said she didn't really know they were white nationalists, but is always looking to inspire (Hitler?) youth.

TWITTER: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) is incapable of denouncing Trump gushing over Putin.

WSJ: Suddenly, former AG William Barr feels it's a good time to reveal shit about Trump.

EXTRATV: Maksim Chmerkovskiy destroys his old Dancing with the Stars partner, Kirstie Alley, for her passivity toward the Ukraine invasion.

DAILY BEAST: Ukraine's gay volunteers ready to fight against Putin.

YOUTUBE: “How to Let a Gay Guy Know You're Into Him.”

INSTAGRAM: Grant Show and tell: