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Feb 11 2022
Burt Reynolds's End: Fleshback Comments (0)

Book it! (Image via Signet)

Mantique of the Day over at Gr8erDays on IG (follows appreciated) is the late Burt Reynolds, who would have turned 86. The above, ahem, spread is from a book he published called Hot Line: The Letters I Get ... and Write! It came out in January 1972, half a year before Deliverance, and about three months before his pop cultural atom bomb: his nude centerfold in Cosmopolitan's April 1972 issue. It's weird to me that he blamed the centerfold for not being taken seriously for Deliverance when he was doing stuff like this!

Also, I think the above two-page spread really sums up his particular charm, and his having-it-both-ways approach to machismo — a little playful (then, dated now) gay-panic in the letter accompanied by a winking shot of his ass!

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