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Feb 03 2022
Channing Tatum, Charles Busch, BAFTAs, Why THE MASKED SINGER Sucks Worse Than Ever + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Variety-boyculture-channing-tatumAll the better to Step Up with (Image via Variety)

ABOVE: Channing Tatum and his size 17 feet cover Variety.

BELOW: Keep reading for Charles Busch's pad, a decapitating blow to ISIL, BAFTA bullshit and more ...

Charles-busch-boycultureYou'll be red with envy! (Image via Apartment Therapy)

APARTMENT THERAPY: Charles Busch's 19th-century Parisian whorehouse of an apartment!

VICE: What's wrong with art, commerce and NYC, all in one, empathy-free cube.

them.: “Is Hollywood Killing Queer Radical Film?”

KENNETH IN THE (212): He makes maskin' fun.

HUFF POST: The leader of ISIS has been killed in a U.S. raid conducted in Syria overnight. President Biden has spoken out about it:

NYT: Roxane Gay on why taking a stand matters, even if you can't unilaterally solve a problem like Spotify's love affair with disinformationalist Joe Rogan.

DEADLINE: The producers of The Masked Singer decided to launder Rudy Giuliani's image by having him on as one of their adorably unmasked warblers. Yay, such a fun surprise! A guy who went broke trying to overturn the election gets to earn ($50,000? however much FOX decided to slip him) some bread just by showing up and presenting himself in a positive light. Reprehensible. To their credit, judges Robin Thicke (!) and Ken Jeong stormed off. To their discredit, Nicole Scherzinger and anti-vaxxer nut job Jenny McCarthy stayed and bantered with Giuliani.

THR: Full list of BAFTA nominations, complete with head-scratching surprises.

TWITTER: Radio host Adam Sank points out yet another example of how Twitter, like all social media giants, seems inherently biased against LGBTQ people. It's perfectly okay by them to say someone gay has and is giving AIDS. I would also like to point out, perhaps because QAnon is such a big fanbase of theirs, Twitter is cool with calling people pedophiles.


JOE.MY.GOD.: QAnon has forced the closure of a butterfly sanctuary.

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Hilariously trying to fit in at Euphoria High. (My favorite show, currently.)

YOUTUBE: God, this looks awful. I guess they're going for I, Tonya? Also, it seems to glibly make fun of Joe Exotic's crimes because Carole Baskin is eccentric.