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Feb 05 2022
Why You Should LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH + Rogan's Sorry About 24 N-Word Bombs + Mario Cantone Recalls Willie Garson Telling Him He Was Dying + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Now that is a cover.

BELOW: Keep reading for loving the one you're with, Rogan says OOPSIE over 24 N-words, Mario Cantone remembers Willie Garson telling him he was dying and more ...

Amazon-love-the-one-youre-with1Making it easier to love the one you're with ... (Image via Amazon)

AMAZON: Check out queer Black love story Love the One You're With on Amazon.

NYT: The GOP has officially declared that the January 6 insurrection attempt — which, but for the actions of Capitol cops, would have led to the murder of who knows how many U.S. officials — was “legitimate political discourse.”

We are heading into autocracy with any grain of power they retain or gain, and with each passing, dithering day on the part of Democrats, and in particular the DOJ. It doesn't take a year to build this case. I mean, great that the January 6 committee has access to Bannon's private communications now, but again, this is a YEAR later.

INSTAGRAM: Joe Rogan used the N-word at least 24 times before his $100M Spotify deal. Called out for it with video evidence, which was successfully pushed by artist India.Arie and various left-wing groups, Rogan is now apologizing. Of course, his fans don't want or need an apology — he is the king of the WHY DON'T I GET TO SAY IT, TOO? crowd. It's striking how those same people are out for Whoopi Goldberg's head — she said something stupid and uninformed, was clearly coming from a positive place but fucked up, apologized, had a discussion and is now off work for two weeks. He was glibly using the N-word and once described being in a Black neighborhood as being in Planet of the Apes. But “it's all good, bro, we have your back, don't let the left get you down” is the tone of the comments on his various pages.

People are obsessed with the cult of money and the power it brings. They're just happy to glom on to anyone who is making it big in our fucked up system because they never will.

Joe Rogan is too rich and powerful to be canceled. Instead, his N-word-palooza is more likely to get canceling canceled. And along with it, reasonable consequences for disgusting actions.

P.S. Rogan also loves “faggot,” faggot.

Willie-garson-mario-cantone-and-just-like-that-sex-city-boycultureA heartbreaking moment off-screen was a shock for Cantone, who thought Garson must be joking. (Image via HBO Max)

EXTRATV: Mario Cantone remembers the moment his TV husband Willie Garson told him he was dying of pancreatic cancer.

NYT: James Bidgood, the gay artist who died this past week at 88, received a big New York Times obit — and I had thought he might. I think he'd have been forgotten not so many years ago. In the piece, it is revealed his death was from COVID complications, which is an extra layer of sad. When people say ailing and/or elderly people who died of COVID would have died anyway, I always think about how much more life they might've had, having made it so long. I also think about the fact that we're all going to die anyway, but who wants to go out even a day early?

James-bidgood-art-gay-boyculture-covidBidgood in 2019, plus a detail from one of his creations (Images by James Bidgood & Matthew Rettenmund)

INSTAGRAM: I love Christopher Guest.