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Feb 13 2022
Shawn Mendes Bulge News + Trump Called Melania About Stormy On Secret Service Agent's Phone + Truckers Defeated + Kid Cudi Smacks Kanye Down + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Henry's just hot like that. More here.

BELOW: Keep reading for Shawn Mendes's bulge, Kid Cudi vs. Kanye West, truckers packed up and more ...

Shawn-mendes-shirtless-boycultureHawaii said, “Get in me!” (Image via video still)

TWITTER: Shawn Mendes is part horse. That part.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trump's weird phone habits are complications all the investigations against him. Case in point: He talked to Melania about the Stormy Daniels story when it broke by using a Secret Service agent's personal cell.

EXTRATV: Dad/son.

RADAR ONLINE: A man has testified that Kevin Spacey showed him gay porn, plied him with booze and came on to him when he was 16.

PEOPLE: Rihanna, looking the best she's ever looked, surprised Savage X Fenty shoppers in L.A. with a personal appearance.

Kid-cudi-kanye-west-boycultureExactly right (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Finally, a Black creative force has the guts to tell Kanye off. He is nuts — he keeps going on crazed tirades, and even has commenters offering to eliminate Billie Eilish for her completely innocuous statement during a concert. He is going to snap in a spectacular way, and it will not end well.

HUFF POST: Truckers cleaned out, arrested, bye-bye. Not too hard.

CNN: Larry Hogan foolishly thinks there is room for a never-Trump Republican in national politics. He needs to get out more. That ship sailed.

THE GUARDIAN: “HIV Now Infects More Heterosexual People Than Gay or Bisexual Men — We Need a New Strategy.”

7NEWS.COM.AU: Don't show this to Goldie Hawn.

PEOPLE: Jennifer Coolidge will see Gwyneth's vadge candle and raise her an ass candle.

DAILYKOS: An evenhanded explanation of why there are no Trump & Co. indictments — yet:

So friends, let’s finish with this. That process of federal investigations that I just described with the long exhaustive proactive investigations with no deadlines… That is ingrained in the DOJ culture and practice and psyche. And I fear that that might be part of the reason we’ve no timely indictments of Trump & Company. Let’s end on a positive note, because I do believe that ultimately there will be federal prosecutions of Trump & Company. There are too many good people at the Department of Justice for there not to be, and as others before me have said, “We don’t have the luxury of despair.” So, we fight on because justice matters.