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Feb 23 2022
Putin Declares War On Ukraine — Biggest War Action In Europe Since WWII — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Does anyone remember Jon Hall?

BELOW: Keep reading for Russia-Ukraine updates ...


NYT: Putin has declared war on Ukraine, bombing multiple cities. Largest war action in Europe since WWII. And U.S. Republicans are peeing their pants with joy because they want to pin it on ... Biden.

SUBSTACK: “Tucker Carlson Is on Russia's Side.”

TWITTER: Before the bombs dropped, Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke — in Russian — about Russia's naked aggression, laying out his case to the Russian people for why this is an unacceptable incursion, a war.

NYT: Sounds like DA Alvin Bragg is giving up on prosecuting Trump criminally in Manhattan. Un. Fucking. Real.

UNPACKED THOUGHTS: Incredibly, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants parents of trans children to be investigated for child abuse.

HUFF POST: The Queen is okay for 95 and battling COVID-19, but this Jason Lee Kanye-lovin', Elon Musk-rubbin' Jason Lee is a damn liar.

Hollywood-unlocked-queen-elizabeth-false-boycultureFalse negativity (Image via Instagram)