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Mar 20 2022
Greg Berlanti On Hoping The World Changes For LGBTQ Youth + Enhanced Criminal Penalties For Trump? + Zegler Not Invited To The Oscars + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Throw in the towel already. Please!

Boyculture Bo RichardsA bonus pic of a hot guy — do you recognize this early porn star?! (Image via vintage scan)

BELOW: Keep reading for Greg Berlanti's Don't Say Gay speech, enhanced penalties for Trump, Rachel Zegler not invited to the Oscars and more...

THR:  Producer Greg Berlanti calls out Don't Say Gay at the PGAs while accepting the Norman Lear Achievement Award:

But even with a spin in the spotlight and a new trophy for his mantle, Berlanti said the honor arrives with some sadness “because I know how many trans, nonbinary and queer kids are still having those sleepless nights,” just like the ones he suffered through. “I desperately want the world to change for them just like it did for me,” added Berlanti, who referenced the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and moves by Republican lawmakers to target LGBTQ+ youth. “I believe and hope that it will, in large part because of the kinds of stories that so many of you are going to make sure get told.”

Joe-gantz-florida-dont-say-gay-boycultureDon't Say Gay is a sequel. (Image via Tampa Bay Times)

TAMPA BAY TIMES: I joked about this the other day, but I'm surprised activists are not more unified in comparing what is happening in Florida in 2022 with the hell wreaked by Anita Bryant in the '70s. Joe Gantz writes about how Don't Say Gay harkens back to the orange lady.

Meanwhile, Louisiana is the latest backasswards state to go for Don't Say Gay.

JOE.MY.GOD.: “Enhanced criminal penalties” for Trump's “supreme dereliction of duty.”

HUFF POST: Kim Davis — memba her? — violated constitutional rights by refusing to issue those same-sex marriage licenses. Now comes the punishment.

EXTRATV: Somehow, Rachel Zegler, who is the star of a Best Picture nominee, can't score Oscar tickets.

Rachel Zegler boyculture(Image via Instagram)