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Mar 28 2022
How To Improve Your Flirting On Online Hookup Websites Comments (0)

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Flirting is a great way that boosts our confidence. In addition, it helps us to create a cool atmosphere when we are on a date. But, of course, most of us have ways to flirt in real life, whether that included eye contact, leaning into our partner, or playfully teasing them. But recently, most of us haven’t been able to flirt in person, we have been super busy with our lives, and the pandemic made it even harder. And that paved the way for adult dating apps to shine brighter than before, but do you know how to flirt effectively on hookup apps? But have no fears. We’ve got you covered. The article below will give you many helpful tips to improve your flirting online. But first check out the best adult dating sites’ list ...

Know what you want first

Before thinking about how to improve your flirting skills on adult dating apps, you need to remember to be honest about your intentions and what you are looking for. The flirting fun will stop soon if you realize that you are looking for something, and they want something different. It is necessary to have “the talk” early on to know if both of you are on the same page. So before flirting with anyone online, make sure you know what both of you want and be honest about it. Luckily, some hookup apps added features to help you know what you are looking for.

Roast them a little bit

Some of us might flirt with someone by teasing them, maybe by mimicking how they talk, laughing at their crazy stories, or questioning their horrible cocktail taste. This playfulness can be really fun for both of you, and it is not limited to real-life dates.

When chatting online with your match, don’t be afraid to make jokes about them. But don’t be so harsh. The point of this is to flirt, not make fun of them and ruin their self-esteem; you need to be super careful about the type of jokes you are making because they probably won’t be able to sense that you are joking since you are talking online. 

Ask them about their favorite movies and TV shows

There is no way to connect with someone better than talking about your favorite movies and TV series. Discussing topics like TV shows and movies will allow you to know much about your match. You can quote your favorite line from a movie you know you both like, chat about new episodes from a series you are both watching, or you can set a virtual date to watch the new documentary you were dying to watch. This will make flirting online so much easier, so try to search for similar interests you both enjoy talking about because it will make you both more comfortable to take your chatting to the next level.

Just compliment them

If you are really looking for a way to be flirtier, then simply compliment your match. You will never find anyone that does not enjoy compliments, take a look at their profile and try to find the specific feature they want to show their potential matches and make a compliment about it. This will give your match an ego boost, giving them enough confidence to compliment you.

Switch things from text to video chat

After days of texting and getting to know each other, you can suggest switching things up and having your first date over a video chat. For example, you can schedule an hour just for you two, watch a movie together, talk about different topics you both are interested in. Even you can organize an activity you think will help you bond and get to know more about each other.

Flirt without being creepy

No one wants their potential partner to think of them as creepy. Many people worry that they will look creepy or scary if they flirt with their matches on adult dating platforms. Don’t worry. Just take the flirting game slowly and build it up this way, and you can sense if your match is okay with it or not and see if they are flirting back. It is also vital to ask for consent before sending compliments, images, or anything else.

In conclusion

Hooking up online can be really fun if you know how to spice it up in the right way, don’t be afraid to show your moves and flirt with your match. You just need to be open and transparent about what you want, throw some jokes and compliments, be yourself, and always make sure you are not bothering anyone and making them feel uncomfortable.