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Mar 14 2022
Tom Daley Caught With Pants Down + Lizzo: TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS + Woman Shoved In NYC Now Intubated + Republicans For Russia + BAFTA Winners + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: More like Mr. Russell Todd HERE — and follows are always appreciated.

BELOW: Keep reading for Lizzo on trans rights, a woman pushed nearly to her death, Tom Daley's crowd surfing underwear malfunction and more ...

Tom-daley-shirtless-boycultureBut did he hang 10? (Image via video still)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: Tom Daley went crowdsurfing in his underwear. Which, invariably, led to crowdsurfing out of his underwear.

ABC NEWS: Looks like about 62% of Americans oppose Don't Say Gay laws, while about 37% are in favor. That's progress, but still — one out of every three people you meet in this country thinks gay is about sex, and thinks gay is dirty.

ROLLING STONE: Lizzo stood up for trans and reproductive rights at SXSW, where the Houston native gave a keynote speech:

I’m proud to rep Houston, but I’m not proud to rep Texan politics right now. There are very regressive laws being passed. They’re taking away the right for young children to have a chance to live authentically as themselves. It’s a violation of human rights. Trans rights are human rights ... We got a lotta ugly babies y’all need to be handling instead of y’all being in people’s homes and telling them what to do with their bodies and being all up in their uteruses. The abortion ban is atrocious as well. Mind your business. Stay out of my body.

NYT: Imagine surviving a world war, terrorism, a pandemic and all the ills we as humans face, making it to 87, and having your entire quality of life — and likely your life — snatched away because some sick bitch sneaks up on you from behind and shoves you down. That is what happened to beloved vocal coach Barbara Maier Gustern in NYC last week. I hope they find the miserable soul who all but killed her. Gustern was conscious after the attack, but since being operated on has been intubated and unconscious. Her very clearly visible attacker:

I would like to know what derogatory term the woman shouted when she shoved Gustern.

TWITTER: Many companies are exiting Russia because it's the right thing to do, or in the face of public pressure. Not Koch Industries. Why does the right ADORE Russia? Like:

CANDACE OWENS RUSSIAN LIVES MATTER BOYCULtureCandace Owens is another Russian asset — and was retweeted by the Russian Embassy. (Image via Twitter)

NEWSWEEK: Speaking of which, Trump literally said there's “a lot of love” behind Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Democrats HAVE TO PUT THIS IN ADS FOREVER.

KENNETH IN THE (212): When the underwear cut reveals tan line and religion.

EXTRATV: All the BAFTA winners. Most of the top-liners seem indicative of Oscar winners, too, though the BAFTA Leading Actress category, in spite of containing six nominees, contained ZERO of the same nominees as Best Actress, a real head-scratcher. Had Lady Gaga won, it might've felt like a correction for her Oscar-nom miss, but instead, the very British Joanna Scanlan won. Just such an odd category this year. Queer and queer-adjacent wins: The Power of the Dog for Best Film and Best Director, Ariana DeBose for West Side Story.

Murray-bartlett-rimming-boycutlureWilliam Hurt kissed so that Murray Bartlett could rim. (Image via HBO Max)

CNN: The Critics Choice Awards are getting slammed by online film buffs for going against all previous critical awards and not selecting Kristen Stewart, as had been expected, for Best Actress, her last and best shot at a major award. Instead, they chose the very worthy Jessica Chastain, possibly because she is now the front-runner to win the Oscar after such a confusing season. Also, Jane Campion — everyone's fave for putting Sam Elliott in his place — made a really bad joke that some say demeaned the Williams sisters, so she is catching heat, too. It's like everyone is jumping around on frying pans. Unforced error! Anyway, queer and queer-adjacent wins: Jean Smart for Hacks, Murray Bartlett for The White Lotus, Jennifer Coolidge for The White Lotus, The Power of the Dog for Best Picture and Best Director and Ariana DeBose for West Side Story.

TWITTER: Holy shit — Dolly Parton has bowed out of being considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What a nice lady:

YOUTUBE: As John Oliver explains at length, the resale market for live shows is offensively abusive toward fans. This is long, but if you see live entertainment, you'll be enthralled:

YOUTUBE: First five minutes of The Man Who Fell to Earth — a Showtime-series remake of the David Bowie film — have dropped: