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Mar 22 2022
Lauren Pazienza Turns Herself In For Death Of Barbara Maier Gustern; Repped By Rudy Giuliani's Lawyer?! Comments (0)

Lauren-pazienza-barbara-maier-gustern-boycultureLauren Pazienza, a 26-year-old events planner from Queens, has turned herself in to authorities in the shoving death of 87-year-old vocal coach Barbara Maier Gustern in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood earlier this month.

She was immediately charged with manslaughter and second-degree assault.

CNN reports Pazienza was tracked down to her parents' and aunt's homes on Long Island. After her father told cops she was not home, her lawyer later arranged for her to turn herself in.

It is alleged that Pazienza crossed the street toward Gustern, who it is said she did not know, called her a bitch and shoved her. Gustern, who was alert initially — later falling unconscious and dying in spite of surgery — described the attack, which happened when she left her apartment building to hail a cab.

Eyewitness Justin McNabney not only helped Gustern in her last moments of consciousness, he also saw the whole thing. CNN also reports:

After the attack, surveillance footage appeared to show Pazienza allegedly staying in the area for at least 20 minutes, McNabney said. Video appears to show her allegedly witnessing the ambulance arriving at Gustern's apartment about 13 minutes after the attack, he said.

I swear, I bet when Gustern walked out and looked for a cab she was shoved because the person who did it felt she was upstreaming ... unless the culprit is mentally deranged, and there is no indication Pazienza is mentally unstable so far, that makes the most sense to me, especially if they had no known connection.

Bond's been set at $500K.

In a twist sure NOT to help her case, Pazienza's lawyer is right-wing douchebag Arthur Aidala, who has represented ... Rudy Giuliani, Harvey Weinstein and Alan Dershowitz.