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Mar 01 2022
Remembering Pedro Zamora + Sam Elliott Is No Ally + Queer Sneakers + Russian Oligarchs Escaping With Super Yachts + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Bobbing for Conrad.

BELOW: Keep reading for the perfect Pedro Zamora memorial, Sam Elliott pulling an Ernest Borgnine over The Power of the Dog, gay footgear and more ...

Alex-escarano-pedro-zamora-boycultureAlex Escarano (L) and Pedro Zamora (Image via Twitter)

AIDS MEMORIAL: The National AIDS Memorial is honoring Pedro Zamora's legacy on what would've been his 50th birthday, announcing the Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship. Eleven scholars from across the U.S. will each receive $5,000 in support of their academic studies.

This brings to mind the sweet Alex Escarano, who was a close friend of Pedro's, and who died in 1997 of AIDS complications.

Alex created amazing art in his 40 years. I used some in my Encyclopedia Madonnica, and have several photos he sent me of others. I hope the works survive somewhere.

The Last BrunchThe Last Brunch — a hilariously titled AIDS-awareness pop piece (Image by Alex Escarano)

THE HILL: This is it — the odious Don't Say Gay bill has passed its final hurdle and heads to Florida's Senate for a vote.

INSIDER: Sam Elliott is pissed that The Power of the Dog is filled with allusions to homosexuality. Uh, that's the plot, Sam. P.S. Sam was most recently Oscar-nominated for  A Star Is Born — speaking of allusions to homosexuality!

No-h8-sneakers-gayFoot longing? (Image via NOH8)

TWITTER: Dozens of diplomats from the E.U. and U.S. left when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov started his speech during the annual U.N. Human Rights Council session. This fuckface had the gall to whine about a “lack of respect for one of the fundamental human rights — the right to freedom of movement.” Try having your home bombed.

CNBC: Russian oligarchs are skedaddling with their super yachts. Time to snatch those up wherever possible. The U.S. can and should pressure Montenegro, Maldives and any other exotic getaway spots that provide safe harbor.

HUFF POST: Three Republicans voted against making lynching a hate crime.

Tennis-ass-boycultureThe end times (Image via video still)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Here is why tennis is a worthwhile sport to take in.

CLUB KERRY NYC: With all the Madonna remixes coming out way, don't miss this one from DJ Kerry.

YOUTUBE: Watch Mark Allen's short Grounded — it's trippy:

VARIETY: Hollywood Critics Association awards CODA, Jane Campion and Denis Villeneuve, Kristen Stewart, Andrew Garfield, Ariana DeBose and Troy Kotsur top honors.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Colton Underwood is engaged.