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Mar 19 2022
Ukrainian LGBTQ Activist Killed In Shelling + Cosmonauts NOT For Ukraine + Carl Nassib Dumped By Raiders + Stacey Abrams, President + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: But how did gay men of that era meet without hole pics?

BELOW: Keep reading for a lesbian Ukrainian martyr who shouldn't have been, Russian cosmonauts for Ukraine, a Madonna biopic contender, Stacey Abrams for President (of United Earth) and more ...

Elya-shchemur-ukraine-russian-lgbt-lgbtq-gay-killed-boycultureShe was 21. (Image via Twitter)

GUARDIAN: LGBTQ rights activist Elya Shchemur was killed when Russia bombed the city center Thursday. Cosmonauts-ukraine-boycultureShe died at the local territorial defense office, where she was a volunteer.

TIMES U.K.: I've read a lot about how ordinary Russians should not be punished via business boycotts because it's so dangerous for them to protest. (Meanwhile, how does a U.S. citizen avoiding Subway, for example, different from the U.S. as a country imposing so-far-very-effective economic sanctions?) But then you see a story like this, and you realize that ordinary Russians have to step up. It may not be their choice that war is being waged, but it is their reality, and that led three Russian cosmonauts to show up at the International Space Station in Ukrainian yellow-and-blue outfits. Truly ballsy. Sadly, the cosmonauts were wearing their school colors — they're pro-Putin.

VULTURE: Because of backlash over Disney CEO Bob Chapek's ill-conceived non-reaction to Don't Say Gay, it would appear the company is reinstating a same-sex kiss in the upcoming Lightyear.

INSTAGRAM: A front-runner emerges?!

NBC NEWS: Carl Nassib, first out gay NFL player, to be sacked by Raiders. Oh, the decision was strictly financial, don'tcha know.

EXTRATV: Conservative tears were shed when Stacey M.F. Abrams showed up as President of United Earth on Star Trek: Discovery.

Boyculture Stacey Abrams Wilson CruzThis is a selfie. This. Is. A. Selfie. (Image via Twitter)