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Apr 25 2022
For A Change, FIRE ISLAND Is Coming To YOU! Comments (0)

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-1(Images via Hulu)

Premiering (finally!) on Hulu June 3 is the Andrew Ahn-directed, Joel Kim Booster-written, Bowen Yang-starring Fire Island, all about what happens when a group of gay men descend upon the iconic isle to do what they're supposed to do ... and wind up testing their bond as a chosen family.

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-10Oh, Madeline!

Bros before — I mean, hos before — I mean, well, let's all go at once.

The trailer has promise:

Keep reading for tons of pics ...

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-9jpgAndrew Ahn at the helm

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-2Matt Rogers, Bowen Yang & Tomás Matos — three girls three

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-3Bowen getting his Booster

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-12Yang, Matos, Booster Kim, Rogers, Margaret Cho & Torian Miller expressing concern

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-8I feel scene.

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-7James Scully, Nick Adams & Conrad Ricamora, looking like the mean girls

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-6Rogers, Zane Phillips & Matos — their shirt games are on-point.

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-5I can't wait for, 20 years from now, the stories of on-set feuds!

Fire-island-gay-bowen-yang-boyculture-4I was looking forward to a movie to make Fire Island not remind me of Longtime Companion, but here we are.

And finally, if you've read this far, I have officially lived in NYC for 30 years. I have never set foot on Fire Island! I am looking to change that. I am open to invitations.