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Apr 22 2022
Firing Gay Teachers Is Not New + Jennifer Grey Told Her Dad IS A FAG By Matthew Broderick's Mom + Marjorie Taylor Greene Lies Under Oath + Gay TV + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Roy Blakey's work was art.

BELOW: Keep reading for a teacher fired for being gay watches it happen again, Jennifer Grey was told her dad was a “fag” by Matthew Broderick's nutty mom and more ...

Joseph-acanfora-gay-boycultureFired teacher Joseph Acanfora wonders if any lessons have been learned. (Image by Hai Ngoc Lam/supplied by Joseph Acanfora)

WAPO: It's so depressing, but so true — LGBTQ+ rights are actively being erased, and the general public, brainwashed, don't seem to care that much. I guess all it takes is some inflation and EVERYTHING is on the table. Joseph Acanfora has been there, done that. In 1973, he was part of a landmark civil rights case involving gay rights, and he was fired on the spot for it. Forty-nine years later, where is the deep, lasting progress?

Read this story! It's shocking that Acanfora was asked by Abram VanderMeer, a dean at his school, to tell him exactly which sex acts he preferred.

Jennifer-grey-book-out-of-the-corner-baby-boycultureGrey area (Image via Ballantine)

PEOPLE: Jennifer Grey reports that her dad, Joel Grey, was outed to her — in an ugly way — by her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick's mother:

Her world was shaken in the late 80s when she was dating Matthew Broderick. One day, when visiting the actor's home when he wasn't there, she recalls Broderick's mother telling her, “You know your dad's a fag.”

Jennifer was stunned. “Perhaps she was offended by my lack of knowing. I don't know what she was thinking. She was, um, she was a tricky personality. I don't know how else to put it. Like, she was a truth teller, truth bombs. A Cassandra. She was, like, come what may.”

Heartstopper-gay-boyculture“Why is Charlie's giggle so adorable?” (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: Kit Connor and Joe Locke answer questions about their new queer-youth coming-of-age series Heartstopper. I wonder if this series will bump into some Don't Say Gay/groomer protests?

Bridgerton-netflix-jonathan-bailey-boycultureThey made each other wet. (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley break down that falling-into-the-lake scene from Bridgerton Season 2:

INDEPENDENT: Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy may want to ask how much audio exists before saying anything else, because new audio just dropped confirms he thought, in January 2021, that Trump bore “some responsibility” for the attempted coup on January 6.

Gay-charleston-west-virginia-trevor-jonathan-party-story-gay-boycultureAnti-queer attacks are on the rise — wonder why? (Image via video still)

FAIRNESS WEST VIRGINIA: Two gay men are suing Spirit Halloween, a store to which they were attempting to return a gender fluid costume and where the manager allegedly insulted and chased one of the men, threatening violence.

INSTAGRAM: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) is spending Friday in a courtroom to defend herself from an effort to expel her from the ballot on the basis that she is a traitor. She has lied under oath multiple times, gotten testy and finally segued into asserting that she can't remember much about January 6, 2021. Here, she blatantly lies about an easily provable fact:

Will it matter? It's very hard to imagine any Georgia judge tossing her off a ballot for any reason.

ADVOCATE: A gay man in Fort Lauderdale says he was attacked by a stranger who asked if he is gay. His alleged assailant has been arrested.

Nude-model-physique-beefcake-gay-shirtless-matthew-rettenmund-boycultureA taste of my OnlyFans photography account (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

ONLYFANS: If you sub to my OnlyFans (for $9.99), it's a cheap way to tip your blogger!

DEADLINE: Cynthia Albritton has died at 74. What was she famous for? Making plaster casts of famous cocks.

YOUTUBE: Steven Spielberg's first directing job involved Joan Crawford — I hope you've seen their Night Gallery! This week, Spielberg was interviewed about that experience and others by Ben Mankiewicz:

KENNETH INTHE (212): Here come the LGBTQ+ mag covers of the week!

Gloss-gay-magazine-boycultureMaybe this superhero craze has the right idea after all ... (Image via Gloss)