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Apr 28 2022
Madison Cawthorn Credibly Accused Of INAPPROPRIATE And CORRUPT Relationship With Male Staffer Comments (0)

Gee, when McCarthy said Cawthorn has lost his trust over that cocaine-orgies allegation, he meant it!

It's been a drip-drip-drip of scandals ever since.

Now — KERSPLASH! — Cawthorn is seen on video being felt up by his young aide as they talk about naked bodies and passion, the same young aide he stands accused of spending money on, and making loans to. (Some are pointing out the aide is a distant cousin, which adds to the whole “it's Chinatown, Jake” vibe.)

It's all at the odious

If you're one of these gays who thinks Cawthorn is cute and shouldn't be mocked, howzabout insider trading?

Or bringing a gun to an airport (twice)?

Or multiple driving offenses, including driving on a revoked (not expired) license?