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Apr 20 2022
REAL WORLD's Danny Roberts On Coming Out As HIV Positive In 2018 Comments (0)

Danny-roberts-mtv-real-world-gay-hiv-aids-boyculture“There are millions upon millions of people on this planet who are positive.” (Image via Paramount+)

Danny Roberts, all-time Real World hottie, is back to promote The Real World: New Orleans. Here, talking with GLAAD's Anthony Allen Ramos, he addresses coming out as HIV positive in 2018, saying:

I went on a long journey with that. It was very much my second coming out. The same sort of guilt, shame, overcoming those biases. Unloading the baggage that you have carried in your own mind around the topic. The most difficult part of the journey was accepting the biases I held deep in my own psyche towards people who were HIV positive. Having to confront that, and let that go. I think this is a lot of what anyone who finds out they’re positive goes through. There are those stages of strief. And then you come to the other end of that. You come to the end of a dark tunnel, and you find the strength to own it and be okay about it.

He also touches on how LGBTQ+ rights seem to be collapsing before us:

A lot of things that were common in the 90’s, that we all got comfortable thinking we’re beyond now, which maybe feels a bit naive and silly to think we were there, but clearly we’re not. A lot of the same scapegoats are coming back out. And it’s disappointing to see it happening too.

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