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Apr 26 2022
Trans Trailblazer Schuyler Bailar Dispels Myths Surrounding Trans Athletes Comments (0)

Schuyler-bailar-lgbtq-gender-boycultureBailar is a trailblazing in college sports. (Image via HRC)

I think Schuyler Bailar raises excellent points in the politicized debate regarding trans athletes. The one that jumped out at me is how in men's sports, cisgender men who happen to be born with physical advantages are always seen as natural marvels — women with physical advantages are treated with gender suspicion.

Plus, the right is up in arms about grooming, yet the wave of anti-trans sports laws are making it legal for girls accused of being too masculine to have to undergo genital inspection.

Also convincing is his point that the vast majority of people freaking out about women's sports being destroyed don't watch or support them.