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Apr 04 2022
Jerrod Carmichael Hosts Gayest SNL Ever + Will Ketanji Brown Jackson Be Confirmed? + Naked Came The Jesters + Tulsi Gabbard All-In On Don't Say Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Don't assume your baby will grow up straight!

Turn-on-gay-porn-boycultureBonus ad! I used to have this mag; I found it as a 20-year-old ... somewhere? (Image via vintage cover)

BELOW: Keep reading for SNL's queer explosion, climate-change nightmare, some feel-good news about a nude stage act and more ...

YOUTUBE: Jerrod Carmichael — newly out — hosted SNL this weekend. Above is a sketch that touched on LGBTQ issues directly. Below is a sketch featuring four people, host and regulars, all queer. I was wondering if this might be the first (???) sketch made up entirely of queer people on SNL:

HUFF POST: At this rate, I really wonder if Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed later this week. Every single day without a vote is a day when someone in the Senate could die or you-know-whos could change parties.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Artist Elephante opens up for the Socialite Seven.

HUFF POST: Looks like the world is just gonna shrug and roll the dice on climate change.

TWITTER: Maybe the next time Adam Sank and Patrick Bodd announce a show, you should get tickets?

NPR: Louis C.K., famously canceled, just won a damn Grammy. P.S. Kanye now ties JAY-Z for 24 Grammy wins. Diana Ross has zero.

EXTRATV: Complete list of Grammy winners.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Tulsi Gabbard is heading back to her viciously anti-LGBTQ roots, saying she only disagrees with Don't Say Gay because ... IT DOESN'T GO FAR ENOUGH.

AOL: Biden says Putin should face war crimes trial. He's right.

KENNETH IN THE (212): All these guys have enough material between them for one outfit.

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OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Colton Haynes is teasing his dark memoir:

GR8ERDAYS: Fifty-year-old footage of a pre-teen Prince has been discovered in Minneapolis by a news station. Wonder what other historical gems exist in dusty newsroom film vaults?

Prince-rogers-nelson-age-11-boyculture-gr8erdaysThey needed lots of backup, but seriously — that shot alone screams PRINCE! (Image via video still)