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May 14 2022
Manspread Alert + Madonna's Expensive Pussy + Clarence Thomas Pearl-Clutches Over SCOTUS Leak + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just the truth at the NYC #BansOffOurBodies march. Also, for good measure, note that in Missouri a pregnant woman can not legally divorce her husband. Or abort the child.

BoycultureBoys Life not an actual inviteBonus image — Dan Forrester was turning 27, but died at 31. (Image via Boy's Life)

BELOW: Keep reading for Clarence Thomas's hissy-fit, Madonna's NFT windfall for charity and more ...

KENNETH IN THE (212): Manspreadin' the news ... !

TWITTER: Madonna's pussy helped raise over $600K for women's charities.

PEOPLE: How Chrishell Stause met her non-binary sig other, G Flip.

NYT: Wish this POS had gone belly-up last month — Clarence Thomas says the leak of the impending abortion decision has done damage to the Court, but fails to speak to his spouse's partisan, potentially illegal activities and how they affect his judgment.

INSTAGRAM: This is insane — this tiny white boy showed up at a Black family's house, beating on their door, brandishing a whip and damaged their car. The cop who responded to the complaint said it wouldn't be an issue since the kid was moving soon:

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW HERE, PLEASE): Remembering sweet Mark Blum on his birth anniversary: