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May 09 2022
The Voluptuous Horror Of Ed Koch + Dave Rubin On Karine Jean-Pierre: Just A BLACK LESBO + Kardashian's Fake Marilyn Hair + YOUNG, TRANS & TARGETED + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Yeah.

BELOW: Keep reading for how Ed Koch sold out himself and the world, Dave Rubin sliming Karine Jean-Pierre, news about that NYFD fleece-wearing anti-choice bro and more ...

Ed-koch-nypl-gay-boycultureSelf-loathing gay men in positions of power have not worked out for us historically. (Image via NYPL)

NYT: Ed Koch was a vile toad, and a great example of why oh-let's-let-everyone-come-out-in-their-own-tiiiime is bullshit when it comes to well-established, well-protected, grown-ass adults in positions of power. This piece reminds us of what an appalling waste of space Koch was, doing great harm during the AIDS crisis, and then — for good measure — endorsing Republicans on his way out the door. Rot in disarray, Ed.

TWITTER: NYFD says individual screaming at women that he now owns their bodies and they will be forced to have his babies is not a firefighter. (But who is he? Likely the son of one, likely he didn't choose that garment casually and likely the NYFD waited until today to disavow-ish it in order to let it sink in.)

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: The fact that so many are “Young, Transgender and Targeted” is precisely why we need to stop obsessing over saving girls' sports and other right-wing-framed issues on this topic — states are quickly lining up to outlaw trans-affirming care. Missouri is even looking at making it illegal for adults to transition.

USA TODAY: Major Internet providers to slash prices for low-income citizens.

HUFF POST: Ex-Pentagon chief Mark Esper says — in for-profit, way-too-late book — that he had to shoot down dangerous Trump ideas every few weeks.

TWITTER: Gay right-wing douchebag Dave Rubin sneers that Karine Jean-Pierre is nothing but a Black lesbo.

POLITICO: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden makes a surprise visit to Ukraine.

OMG.BLOG!: Totally naked Schoolmaster.

PEOPLE: Kim Kardashian — who wore one Marilyn Monroe dress and tried on another — was given a lock of Monroe's hair by Ripley's Believe It or Not. And, well, one expert doesn't believe it — he has the receipt(s) to show the hair is fake.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Tom Hiddleston hopes Loki coming out proves “meaningful” to fans.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Queen Latifah wants BIG money for any Living Single reunion.

CNN: The Tony Award nominations are out, and so is Beanie Feldstein for her widely derided star turn in Funny Girl. P.S. MJ scored 10 nominations — talk to me again about cancel culture being an issue.