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May 15 2022
Jerrod Carmichael Thanks Ellen, Talks Regret Over Past Gay Jokes + Payton Gendron Was Radicalized By Tucker Carlson + Britney Loses Pregnancy + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Lee Horsley, of coursely.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jerrod Carmichael talking to Ellen DeGeneres, Payton Gendron's racism and white supremacy and how the media barely mentions them, Britney miscarries and more ...

Jerrod-carmichael-ellen-degeneres-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureJerrod's comments on Ellen were deeply moving. (Image via The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

INDIEWIRE: Jerrod Carmichael talks about regretting past anti-gay jokes, referring to them as self-hate and “smoke bombs.” Now you, Eddie Murphy!

HUFF POST: Payton Gendron, 18, allegedly picked a Buffalo supermarket specifically to kill as many Black people as possible. If the authenticity  of his 180-page online manifesto is confirmed, it would appear he bought into the hysterical belief that the white race is being intentionally replaced by other races, a theory embraced by many far-right U.S. figures and popularized on 4chan. He drove 200 miles to kill those people, and if you have to drive 200 miles to find a Black person, that is part of the issue. What a monstrous thing, and it's right int he laps of the GOP and its renewed attempts to erase Black — and U.S. — history; we can't avoid newly minted racists and also push to avoid discussing that history.

EXTRATV: Sadly, Britney Spears has miscarried.

DAILY MAIL: I am one of the elites.

NYT: Review of Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Hot Insta-snaps of the week.