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May 19 2022
Micah Plath On Dating Boys + Meloni's Melons In His Home Gym + Monkeypox Outbreak + TOP GUN Fawning + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: With dads like this ...

BELOW: Keep reading for Micah Plath's dating tease, Christopher Meloni working out in the nude, Republicans encouraging higher gas prices and more ...

Micah-Plath-boycultureSo much perfect. (Image via Instagram)

MEAWW: Micah Plath of Welcome to Plathville says whether he'd date boys is yet to be determined.

OMG.BLOG!: OMG ... Formula One racer flashes his crack.

PEOPLE: Christopher Meloni let us know he works out in his home gym in the raw.

RAW STORY: Republicans are blocking legislation to curb price gouging at the pump. Hm.

CNN: Monkeypox — fucking MONKEYPOX — is spreading in Europe and elsewhere, including a pocket in Canada and at least one U.S. case. It's a potentially deadly disease for which there is a vaccine, but what caught my eye is that it appears to be sexually transmitted for the first time — and the first cases in the U.K. are among gay men, perhaps sparked by one visiting Nigeria recently.

POLITICO: The Trump-endorsed primary winner who even Trump hates.

AP: A 17-year-old high school student is speaking out, saying school administrators are keeping him from running for senior class president. 

ABC NEWS: Noxious Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli has been released early from prison. Insanely, a woman covering Shkreli's case for Bloomberg gave up her marriage and job in order to be with him. I can't even imagine the idiocy. Guess what? She talked about it — and he dumped her.

TWITTER: Elon Musk has declared Democrats the party of hate and division.

DEADLINE: I despise Tom Cruise, and to me, Top Gun in the '80s was a Reagan wet dream — jingoistic crap. But either the star idolatry is off the charts (compounded by his devotion to a big-screen experience) or he has an Oscar-ready hit on his hands.

EXTRATV: Taylor Swift gave a life hacks commencement speech.

TWITTER: George W. Bush delivers the ultimate — THE ULTIMATE — Freudian slip: