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May 02 2022
Putin's Got Cancer + Trump Endorses Nonexistent Republican + Scott Johnson's Killer + Wynonna & Ashley Accept Honor For Late Mom + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Charlie Puth continues to be cute as a button.

BELOW: Keep reading for Putin's cancer surgery, Trump's dementia, unrepentant killer of gay man convicted and more ...

Flight of fancy (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: I wonder when people will get bored of being cute and seeing cute on Instagram?

NYP: Putin reportedly has cancer, will undergo surgery and temporarily transfer power to a (hardline) replacement. Die, dude. Die.

ENGADGET: Grindr, one of many seemingly necessarily online evils, apparently sold your location data extensively from 2017-early 2020.

Jd-mandell-boycultureLet's talk more about Biden's dementia. (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Trump, in Ohio trying to make a difference in the GOP primary there, completely flubbed the name of the guy he supposedly thinks is doing great, saying:

You know, we've endorsed Dr. Oz, we've endorsed J.P., right? J.D. Mandell, and he's doing great — they're all doing good.

In response, a satire account for imaginary Republican J.D. Mandell has sprung up and hopes Ohioans will write him in. Thousands of follows later, Twitter yanked it. WHERE IS MY FREE SPEEEECH?!

Scott-white-johnson-boyculture-gayThis POS said the only good gay man is a dead gay man. (Image via video still)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Scott Johnson was murdered in a gay hate crime in Australia in 1988. Chased or thrown off a cliff, Scott's killer — Scott White — was finally arrested and shouted out in court that he was guilty. He had previously bragged to his family about attacking gay men, and admitted to his wife he'd killed Johnson. Australian authorities initially tried to pretend the crime was an accident or suicide.

EXTRATV: Wynonna and Ashley Judd appeared at the Country Music Hall of Fame to accept the Judds' induction just one day after their mom, Naomi Judd, took her own life.

NYT: Meet the “self-made” Russian billionaire who spoke out about Putin and lost most of his fortune — overnight. This is how Republicans in the U.S. view our country, ideally — they want to be able to crush and imprison liberals, and in order to get there, they're portraying themselves as crushed and imprisoned.

TWITTER: These Trumpers are so fuckin' dumb they are now clinging to the latest thing they've been told — FREE SPEECH — to explain everything. This couple was getting kicked off their plane so the drunk-sounding wife went on a tirade about Elon Musk being the king, how America is turning into Shanghai and how everyone around them are “faggots.” Have fun with that lifetime ban, traysh.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Play Speedo games, get Speedo answers.

INSTAGRAM: Tina Louise, 88, of Gilligan's Island fame was out this weekend looking fab.

INSTAGRAM: When Honcho was the magazine for the macho male.

TWITTER: How bizarre ... this Georgia gubernatorial candidate thinks that the shutdown during the pandemic, kids were molested daily with no break. I guess when they're sent to school they get a break from sex, then when they go home, it's back to the grind: