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May 26 2022
Men For Sale + Uvalde Cops Restrained PARENTS As Children Executed + Ray Liotta, Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher Die + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I guess the backdoor lobby is underfunded.

BELOW: Keep reading for male flesh for sale, useless cops in Uvalde, the return of Baby Jane and more ...

Male-form-nude-bonhams-boycultureI love what he's almost wearing. (Image via Bonhams)

BONHAMS: An auction of nothing but The Male Form.

THE AP: The GOP in the Senate has blocked a domestic terrorism bill (why vote against themselves?), which also blocked gun policy debate.

YOUTUBE: Parents wanted to get into the school as ARMED COPS stood around like buffoons. Cops whiffed on this big-time, let the guy get into the school and then sat on their thumbs. So much for good guys with guns! Those didn't work in Uvalde or Buffalo or Florida.

DALLAS NEWS: Jesus. Two days after his wife was gunned down in Uvalde, Joe Garcia has dropped dead of a heart attack.

TWITTER: Herschel Walker is dumber than dumb.

Baby-jane-movies-boyculture-gaySister act (Image via Fathom Events)

FATHOM EVENTS: TCM and Fathom Events are presenting What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? in theaters for its 60th anniversary. The film features an intro and post-film insights from TCM's Ben Mankiewicz. Catch it in theaters on June 12 and June 15.

VARIETY: Andy Fletcher, founding member of Depeche Mode, has died at 60.

NYT: Famed NYC lit agent Mort Janklow died at 91.

GR8ERDAYS: Ray Liotta, Goodfellas star, has died unexpectedly at 67.

THE GUARDIAN: Kevin Spacey charged with four counts of sexual assault against three different men in the U.K.

HUFF POST: Been saying this, and seems to be validated by parents at the scene — the so-called good guys with guns at Uvalde did NOTHING to stop the carnage. Reminds me of this guy, from Parkland.

TWITTER: Gay rider shunned by Lyft over homophobic drivers.

Lyft-homophobic-gay-boycultureSo many corporations are becoming not just homophobic, but impossible to contact. (Image via Twitter)