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Jun 20 2022
FREE FALL Will Give You All The Feels Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Free Fall is a 2013 German gay drama that paved the way for movies like God’s Own Country and the recently-released Firebird. The sexy actor Hanno Koffler stars as a man with a pregnant wife, who nonetheless falls for another man while away at a police training camp.

What happens at police training camp, stays at police training camp!

That other man is none other than Sense8 star Max Riemelt. Free Fall doesn’t shy away from intimate depictions of gay love, and the sex scene here truly is hard to beat. Koffler and Riemelt cuddle up in a sunbeam to lovingly explore each other’s bodies. Koffler penetrates Riemelt from behind for some passionate anal sex. We can even peep Riemelt’s famously big cock!

However, we get an even better look at what Riemelt’s packin' in a shower scene. He joins a bunch of fully naked men, and let’s just say some of them must have left that shower feeling mighty jealous. Or horny. This is a gay police training camp, after all. We’re loving all of the gay sex and hung cock in Free Fall, so we turned the best scenes into GIFs so you don’t have to! Max Riemelt is free, free ballin’!