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Jun 27 2022
Giuliani: I COULD HAVE DIED + SCOTUS Sides With Right-Wing Christianity + Richard Gere Made Anderson Cooper Gay + Treat Kim Petras Like A Slut + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Ken-marshall-krull-nude-shirtless-hairy-chest-hot-sexy-boycultureMan of the moment. (Images via

ABOVE: Ken Marshall is among today's b'days. More here.

BELOW: Keep reading for Giuliani's sad mewling over a back slap, SCOTUS cozying up to Christianity (let's try Wiccan prayers in schools) and more ...

Giuliani-boyculture-slap-back-staten-islandGiuliani could have died? Maria Bakalova could have been raped. (Images via video stills)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Rudy Giuliani claims he could have been killed — coulda, woulda, shoulda— when a guy slapped him on the back and called him a scumbag. (When you're being called out as Republican scum on Staten Island, you're really, really scummy.) Honestly, Giuliani should be arrested for filing a false police report.

HUFF POST: SCOTUS continues to brandish its right-wing Christofascist credentials, siding with a high school coach that prayer in schools is okey-dokey — the separation of church and state is an illusion when an illegitimate hustler becomes president and stacks the court with religious zealots. Next up: The end of even more voting rights. (Voters are switching to the GOP — will right-wing activism and overreach by SCOTUS temper that at all?)

WAPO: Jennifer Rourke, who is running for state senate in Rhode Island, was out and out PUNCHED by her Republican cop opponent, a man named Jeann Lugo. Lugo dropped out of the race.

YOUTUBE: Actress Jodie Sweetin pushed to group by LAPT during abortion protest.

AXIOS: Yesli Vega, running for Congress in Virginia says women aren't likely to get pregnant when raped anyhoo. Seems the body is otherwise engaged and the man cums so fast.

ET: We're finally seeing Brittney Griner in footage from a Russian court four-plus months after her arrest and detainment.

Richard-gere-bent-gay-boycultureShirtless Dick had the Geres turning in Anderson Cooper's head. (Image via Playbill)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Anderson Cooper says seeing a shirtless Richard Gere in the Broadway show Bent in 1977 helped him realize he must be gay. (Will Gere re-up his New York Times ad proclaiming he's strictly for the ladies?!)

EXTRATV: Jussie Smollett, who just directed B-Boy Blues for BET+, is talking about what's next in his career.

OMG.BLOG!: Kim Petras has a song called “Treat Me Like a Slut” from her EP Slut Pop.

But-im-a-cheerleader-boycultureWhat a cast! (Image via Lions Gate)

PEOPLE: Clea DuVall and Melanie Lynskey open up about their work on the 1999 queer classic But I'm a Cheerleader.

AMAZON: Jujubee appeared at the NYC Pride March to plug Queen of Hearts, a new dating game show podcast.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Weekly LGBTQ+ mag roundup.

Get-out-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-shirtless-boycultureBut was it a happy Pride? (Image via Get Out)