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Jun 29 2022
Cassidy Hutchinson, 25, Finishes Off Trump? + Monkeypox Info + Gay Roommate Search + Gorsuch's Mom Sucked, Too + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I mean ... Gil Bellows. Follows appreciated.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cassidy Hutchinson digging Trump's grave, monkeypox news, a missing roommate and more ...

Cassidy-hutchinson-boycultureShe isn't lying. And was a true believer. (Image via video still)

DAILY BEAST: Immediately after Cassidy Hutchinson's devastating and highly credible testimony to the January 6 Committee on Tuesday, unnamed sources suggested that two Secret Service agents were prepared to rebut the idea that Trump grabbed at the wheel of the vehicle he was in and assaulted the driver in an effort to be taken to the Capitol on January 6. Thing is, she was recounting what she was told, not what she saw, and turns out these two goons are Trump enablers from way back. Hutchinson will prevail, and it's cute that Trumpers think the steering-wheel story was the illegal part of Trump's behavior that day anyway.

HRC: Everything you need to know about monkeypox, fellas.

Gay-roommate-service-vintage-boycultureRemember?! (Image via vintage ad)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Desperately seeking dead roommate. (More touching than it sounds.)

NY1: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, has become the first women to win a primary in a New York gubernatorial race. She will face Republican Lee Zeldin.

AOL: Colorado voters rejected 2 election-denying Republican candidates.

THE HILL: Massachusetts may have the first out lesbian governor.

POLITICO: Religion is a big MEH for me, but it pleases me that Speaker Pelosi received communion at the Vatican after her home archbishop said she was unworthy — all because she's pro-choice. Like most other Catholic women.

EXTRATV: Ghislaine Maxwell — who Trumped wished well — is going away for 20 years.

SLATE: SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch's mom was a failed Reagan appointee. Ugh. These people.

NBC NEWS: Florida's largest Pride march — in St. Petersburg — draws 100,000s.

NYT: RIP Jeffrey Escoffier, gay-theory scholar, at 79.

INDIEWIRE: Daniel Franzese talks about his conversion-therapy experience.

Daniel-franzese-boycultureIt didn't work! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)