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Jun 15 2022
Ryan Gosling's Ken-Do Attitude + Loudermilk's Suspicious January 5 Tour + Musk For DeSantis? + Joel Kim Booster's Netflix Special Coming + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hey, Jor'!

BELOW: Keep reading for Ryan Gosling as Ken, proof Republicans were helping rioters ahead of January 6, Hershel Walker's OTHER son and more ...

Ryan-gosling-ken-barbie-boycultureI mean, everything but his face screams KEN. (Image via Warner Bros.)

VARIETY: The first look at Ryan Gosling playing Ken in the new film Barbie has hit and broken the Internet.

NBC NEWS: I agree that corporations going all rah-rah-gay for a month is something we can cynically notice, but I also agree we should be fucking happy that corporations feel the need and see the market to cater to LGBTQ rights and people.

AP NEWS: Laxalt won his primary in Nevada, setting the stage for a very important Senate race in Nevada. The man is a diehard 2020 election denier. These people are everywhere, and they want to dismantle democracy.

POLITICO: Elon Musk is reportedly leaning toward backing Ron DeSantis for president. How anyone who CLAIMS to have been a Democrat in the past can suddenly decide Ron DeSantis is the ticket is beyond me.

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 10.38.46 AMHe is hiding the wrong son! (Images via social media)

NYT: Herschel Walker has slammed absentee dads. Turns out he has a second, secret son he refuses to see.

JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE: This is utterly insane — Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia) is seen on surveillance footage conducting a tour of the Capitol that included participants photographing security checkpoints, stairwells and other sensitive (and unexciting) areas. The tour happened less than 24 hours before the Capitol was overrun ... and the guy taking all the photos was part of it.

Pat-lee-cody-redmond-shirtless-obituary-bodybuilder-boycultureRIP Cody Redmond. (Image courtesy of Pat Lee)

LEGACY: Popular bodybuilding figure Cody Redmond died unexpectedly last week at 30.

YOUTUBE: I Love That for You and Fire Island star Matt Rogers called Bethenny Frankel Trump-like several years ago, and he's doubling down:

NETFLIX: Joel Kim Booster, writer and star of Fire Island, is coming at us with a Netflix stand-up special.

Joel-Kim-Booster-boycultureLooking for something to watch? (Image via Netflix)

BILLBOARD: “Harry Styles” and “gay awakening” in the same sentence.

TWITTER: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) admits Republicans can't hardly wait to cut Medicare and Social Security.

GR8ERDAYS: Donna Mills is 81 years of age.

Donna-mills-gr8erdaysGood genes, surgery, lighting and bank account, but STILL. (Image via video still)