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Jun 16 2022
Gay Doc Contracts Monkeypox + Madonna Reunites With José Xtravaganza + Ginni Thomas In Trouble? + Returns For Beyoncé & Hannah Gadsby + Texas AG: Child Slaughter Is GOD'S PLAN + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If that stays live on IG forever, I'll be shocked.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay doc on monkeypox (which he contracted), Madonna's reunion with the '90s, Texas AG calls mass child slaughter God's plan and more ...

Thatgaydoctor-that-gay-doctor-monkeypox-boycultureBecause he is a medical doctor, his approach is clinical. I found his TikTok helpful. (Image via TikTok)

TIKTOK: I was hoping, as I am sure you were, that monkeypox would fizzle out quickly. On the contrary, it's still on the rise, and it appears to be spreading especially among gay men. It's not a gay disease. (What is?) But since it spread via close personal contact, Pride is going to be an extra-worrisome time for people. ThatGayDoctor on TikTok has helpfully posted about getting the virus. He shows how it looks — not as horrifying as I dreamed — and calmly explains how it feels and what to expect.

@thatgaydoctor Quick brief on monkeypox with first hand experience! #monkeypox ♬ original sound - thatgaydoctor

This year is laughing at 2020 and 2021 when it comes to terrible things happening, and we aren't even past the midterms yet.

Jose-xtravaganza-madonna-boycultureIt's unspeakably rare for Madonna to return to a vintage collaborator. (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: José Xtravaganza appears to be in on Madonna's June 23 show, which is part of an NFT event.

THR: Great chat with Hannah Gadsby, who is funny, smart and, apparently fearless. I hope I get to see her Body of Work. I find her a lot more interesting than the cynical bumpkins like Ricky Gervais.

Beyonce-vogue-boycultureI love candids! (Image by Rafael Pavarotti for British Vogue)

VOGUE: Beyoncé covers British Vogue, prepares for July 29 Renaissance drop.

METRO U.K.: Origins of the Plague unearthed. (1) Literally, and (2) no, not that one, the first one.

HILL REPORTER: Texas AG Ken Paxton says the Uvalde massacre was God's plan. Seriously, these people are fucking deranged.

HUFF POST: The January 6 Committee has emails between SCOTUS Justice Thomas's wife Ginni and Trump's lawyer John Eastman. How can John Roberts not take a stand?

UNSAFE: Before you click, know it is a link to — GULP — Ann Coulter's Substack. But the newsworthy quality is she trashes Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules as stupid, agrees that the January 6 Committee has proved that Trump committed fraud and labels Trump a douche. The bad news is Ann Coulter is now to the left of the mainstream GOP.

TWITTER: Though Pence is back to talking up the Trump-Pence team, here, he is seen cowering in resignation just before being evacuated so his constituents couldn't lynch him:

THE HILL: Oh, one more thing SCOTUS is likely to take away — Miranda Rights. Not kidding.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) has a new hobby — she'll be suing a PAC for defamation after it alleged she was a meth-addicted hooker with two abortions under her belt.

TIKTOK: Her gay moms oppressed her! (LOL)

@sidneyclementine My gay moms oppressed me. #lgbtq #gayparents #gayparenting #lgbtparenting #lgbt #lgbtparents #lesbianparents ♬ original sound - sidneyclementine