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Jun 28 2022
NYC Pride March 2022: That's Progress Comments (0)

2 boyculture-IMG_9844*****Love, Michael (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My day at the NYC Pride March began at 11 a.m. and ended around 5 p.m. — and my feet are still refusing to let me forget it.

Boyculture-IMG_9302Among the first two people I encountered

But it was worth it.

Boyculture-IMG_9288First pic of the day set the tone — SO MANY young queers!

I know there is plenty of reason for cynicism — Deutsche Bank had a bus in the march — but every year I go, I'm uplifted by the sheer number of ecstatic, happy, ostentatious, proud people. For as many years as I can remember, I have also always been buoyed by the diversity, even before that became a buzzword. The sense of community is palpable.

It was also the first year the Progress Pride Flag seemed more prevalent than the usual Rainbow Pride Flag.

Boyculture-IMG_9543 copyColoring outside the lines

I shot the whole thing, pretty much, and an distilling here 100+ of my favorite photos, including some of the countless images I took of joy-filled Love, Victor star Michael Cimino, who set a new standard for allyship by stripping to the waist, dousing himself with water and running along the route in order to plug the Trevor Project.


Boyculture-IMG_9427Let's get this started!


5 boyculture-IMG_9620*****

4 boyculture-IMG_9626*****

3 boyculture-IMG_9660*****

1 boyculture-IMG_9845 michael-cimino-boyculture

6 boyculture-IMG_9619 giphyMichael was an MVP for the Trevor Project, hanging with friends including Nicholas Hamilton.

Check Out My Video of Michael Here!


Boyculture-IMG_9291Popular sign, referring to a raft of anti-LGBTQ bills sweeping the country

Boyculture-IMG_9295Leading the way

Boyculture-IMG_9307Born free

Boyculture-IMG_9332I know — how much freer can she get?! But it's now about anti-conservatorship.

Boyculture-IMG_9335I was around for the pre-march, watching prep

Boyculture-IMG_9339The Imperial Court — take a bow!

Boyculture-IMG_9344Surrounded by flags

Boyculture-IMG_9349Plenty of politics this year

Boyculture-IMG_9346It's the glasses for me.

Boyculture-IMG_9353I jokingly asked if they were in the right order — and they weren't and knew it and corrected it!

Boyculture-IMG_9360Gen Z

Boyculture-IMG_9362Keith, Sylvia, Marsha, Miss Major & Stormé — together in spirit

Boyculture-IMG_9368Six-pack of joy

Boyculture-IMG_9388Examples of groups I shot before the march began

Boyculture-IMG_9404Your five parade grand marshals — from top: Chase Strangio (ACLU), Dominique Morgan (Okra Project), Schuyler Bailar (trans athlete), Ts Madison (reality TV) & Punkie Johnson (SNL)

Boyculture-IMG_9414Photographer Steven Love Menendez ... with his able-bodied assistants

Boyculture-IMG_9415I ran into twerk king Jojo Guadagno from Boy Culture: The Series

Boyculture-IMG_9416A pair of fashion statements

Boyculture-IMG_9417Angelica Ross, ABC reporter Kemberly Richardson, Project Runway's Christopher Palu & others at the media kiosk

Boyculture-IMG_9422Fire Island's Tomás Matos & James Scully by the grandstand

Boyculture-IMG_9435NYC's former council member and state senator Tom Duane with former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman

Boyculture-IMG_9453Dykes on bikes — and elsewhere

Boyculture-IMG_9517Miranda rights are over, but Miranda Wrongs (I call dibs on the name) were in full swing.

Boyculture-IMG_9518Three girls three

Boyculture-IMG_9528A little queer muscle

Boyculture-IMG_9542A lot of queer muscle

Boyculture-IMG_9551Trans excellence

Boyculture-IMG_9585She had good taste.

Boyculture-IMG_9589It takes a Greenwich Village.

Boyculture-IMG_9692Everyone fights for the simplest freebies at these things.

Boyculture-IMG_9701Cheer nation

Boyculture-IMG_9708LGBTQ+ history belongs in the schools.

Boyculture-IMG_9714The visible jockstrap was on every third guy!

Boyculture-IMG_9845*****The above three slides are the folks from the Trevor Project's float, including Nicholas Hamilton.

Boyculture-IMG_9859Faces in the crowd


Michael Cusumano (right) came as Instagram Britney.

Boyculture-IMG_9894One for now, one for later

BOYCULTURE-IMG_9910Playbill's float included Capt. Frankie Grande.

Boyculture-IMG_9914No cops allowed. When your union isn't headed up by a fascist Trumper, we'll talk. When your organization isn't beating the fuck out of POC and otherwise being useless, we'll talk.

Boyculture-IMG_9915Some feminine wiles

Boyculture-IMG_9917Abortion was a consistent theme.

Boyculture-IMG_9976I loved the sign.

Boyculture-IMG_9983Let's hope the youth vote helps — let's hope the youth vote!

Boyculture-IMG_9994Some rainbow beef


Boyculture-IMG_0062The leather fun

Boyculture-IMG_0024AFloats that were purely prurient were rare — but welcome.

Boyculture-IMG_0035The hotness seemed backloaded — I saw most of these guys later in the day.

Boyculture-IMG_0049Susanne Bartsch was one of the few names on hand.

Boyculture-IMG_0061It's the penis drawn on his midsection for me.

Boyculture-IMG_3349Last gasps of beef — including a cop who could turn a lesbian. God, I hope he's pro-queer.

Boyculture-IMG_0037The End.