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Jun 08 2022
Lil Nas X: FUCK BET! + Madonna Movie Gets Its Madonna? + Kylie Minogue On Kylie Jenner + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good month for Tomás — featured in Fire Island on Hulu, featured in a Fenty campaign.

BELOW: Lil Nas X using gay rights as a verb, McConaughey for gun control, Kylie on Kylie and more ...

Fuck-bet-lil-nas-x-boycultureThis is his “Human Nature.” (Image via Twitter)

VARIETY: Lil Nas X says, Fuck BET! in a new song for the network shunning him for nominations.


Also, Nas is telling it like it is when it comes to people saying gay people need to tone it down.

CSPAN: Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey speaks out for sensible gun control — from the White House.

Madonna-boycultureOdd messaging the day Julia Garner is offered the lead in the movie ... (Image via Instagram)

VARIETY: Madonna has reportedly offered Julia Garner the role of, well, Madonna in her new self-written, self-directed biopic. A-list get ... if Julia accepts it.

NPR: Is SCOTUS imploding?

Greenland-david-santos-donaldson-boyculture-gayJust the cover alone! (Image via HarperCollins)

YAHOO! NEWS: Check out David Santos Donaldson's debut, Greenland, which is described as being a novel crammed full of so many ideas and tropes that they threaten to spill out of its margins.

OUTSPORTS: Gay pro baseballer Bryan Ruby says he got more and better offers from teams POST-coming out.

HUFF POST: Off. A former Marine general is in hot water for illegal Qatar lobbying. So much of this crap probably goes on. Patriots.

TWITTER: Today's youth are so lost. So self-absorbed. So exhibitionistic. Isn't it GREAT?!

PEOPLE: I've always been interested in archaeological finds and shipwrecks. This latest discovery of two wrecks off Colombia sounds amazing. Hundreds of years old, their cargo could be worth billions — and some of it is just lying in full view (once you know where to look!) on the ocean floor

THR: Jim Seals of Seals & Croft dies at 80.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Softball injury for Nick Jonas.

YOUTUBE: Andy Cohen's show tried it with Kylie Minogue, but she was lovely regarding that other Kylie:

She also opens up about her ultimate gay anthem: