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Jul 25 2022
DNA Leak + Ex-Log Cabin Republicans Admit Defeat + Coachella = Anti-Abortion + Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants A U.S. Taliban + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Towleroad incorrectly (way back when) suggested b'day boy (55 today!) Matt LeBlanc posed for the cover of the Spartacus gay guide. Rather, Spartacus used a personality still from the failed series TV 101. I've read LeBlanc sued over this use (he would have a case), but I can't find proof he did. Either way, it's a rare item 30 years later. Follow me on Twitter HERE.

BELOW: Keep reading for some DNA spillage, an out Biden Administration nominee, ex-Log Cabiners express regrets, more bad news on monkeypox and more ...

Dna-fashion-boyculture-gayThis would be my driver's license photo if I were him. (Image by James Franklin for DNA)

DNA: The new DNA is a fashion special — without many clothes.

TEXAS TRIBUNE: Former Log Cabin Republican head from Texas admits: “We failed.” He says:

I do not believe that we made any progress. In fact, I think the party got worse.

And yet ... membership in the Log Cabin Republicans has only gone up. Guys, they're always going to hate you for sucking cock.

NBC NEWS: Monkeypox is currently being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men. We have to be smart and curtail some of our activities.

Boyculture-gay-Jeff_Marootian_insert_public_domainMarootian previously worked under D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. (Image via handout)

WASHINGTON BLADE: Out gay White House Special Assistant Jeffrey Marootian has been nominated for Assistant U.S. Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This is a position that will require confirmation by the Senate.

VARIETY: Bad review for They/Them LGBTQ+ horror flick that, on the plus side, demonstrates zero degrees of Kevin Bacon.

ROLLING STONE: Supporting Coachella has long been said to support right-wing causes. Now, solid evidence it supports anti-abortion groups.

TWITTER: Many incoming students at U of M walked out on an anti-abortion speaker during the white-coat ceremony. Every damn one of them should have.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Texas GOP threatening to disbar lawyers who have said they will pay to facilitate abortions — even OUTSIDE Texas.

60 MINUTES: Reality winner spent five+ years in prison, branded a traitor for exposing that Russia did, in fact, hack the 2016 election. Biden needs to pardon her:

NEWSWEEK: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), who previously spoke at a white nationalist's confab and downplayed that, this weekend openly advocated for making the U.S. a Christian nationalist nation. The old joke about Christians in the U.S. being comparable to the Taliban WAS. NOT. A. JOKE.

BBC: World continues slide into autocracy: Myanmar executes four democracy activists.

EXTRATV: RIP Bob Rafelson, 89. He co-created The Monkees, directed Five Easy Pieces.