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Jul 27 2022
The Tea On Ms. LGB + Monkeypox In SF Wastewater + Garland Promises ... Something + Mendes Cancels Tour + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Saucy Santa excitedly recounts performing with Madonna as “Material Gworl” is set for single release on Friday. I love this take on the song — watch/listen HERE.

Boyculture-Ed FuryFists of Ed Fury: I'll choke ya if you don't keep reading! (Image via vintage still)

BELOW: Keep reading for LGB spoiler, Gay-Sex and the City, monkeypox spreads in wastewater and more ...

PINK NEWS: Allison-bailey-twitter-boycultureAllison Bailey, the latest anti-trans LGBer, has lost her suit in the U.K. against Stonewall, but also won an employment tribunal case. I understand why gender matters so fucking much to people who ID as trans or non-binary, I will never understand why so many other gay people are willing to make it a hill for us all to die on. GTFOH with your LGB.

GQ UK: Makers of Stranger Things are retroactively editing it to address a fan-identified plothole. (Just one?! I like the series, but it's like they are making shit up as they go along.)

VANITY FAIR: Netflix's Uncoupled reviewed as Gay-Sex and the City.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Some dude working out in skimpy clothes.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Thanks to improving gas prices and devolving takes on abortion, contraception, interracial marriage and gay marriage, Dems are polling well against Republicans as we careen toward the midterms.

HUFF POST: AG Merrick Garland seems to be reassuring folks that he is pursuing his January 6 investigation, as reports swirl that he is now formally investigating Trump for possible criminal charges.

THE HILL: Chris Cuomo is slinking back into view via a NewsNation show.

INSTAGRAM: Yikes! Shawn Mendes cancels whole tour over mental health:

PEOPLE: Some up-and-comers hesitated to work with Tyler Perry on his new trying-to-be-good-this-time movie, and the billionaire is raking them over the coals now that he has paid the press to refer to it as a highly anticipated film.

WSBTV: Monkeypox has been detected in San Francisco wastewater. We're getting closer to a nationwide vax push, so if you can get your first dose, guys, GET IT NOW.

NEWSWEEK: Seattle gay man drove to Canada for his monkeypox vax.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW ME HERE): TV god Norman Lear has achieved what so few A-list celebrities do: he has hit 100 years of age.