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Jul 22 2022
Most Impactful January 6 Hearing Yet: Trump Outtakes, Hawley's Sprint & GOP Thot Comments (0)

Trump-boycultureThis election is STILL not over ... in his Adderall-addled brain. (Image via video still)

Thursday's primetime January 6 hearing was eventful!

Outtakes of Trump's begrudging video statement condemning the attack on the Capitol resulted in proof he didn't want to admit the election was over, didn't want to condemn his supporters who broke the law and — for some reason — admitted on film he had a hard time saying the word “yesterday.” Former doc Ronny Jackson ... something you aren't tellin' us?

But best of all was the footage of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri). First, he waves and Hitler-fist-pumped the agitators, but when it was known they'd overrun the Capitol, he was seen on newly released footage sprinting to safety:

Somewhat more disappointingly, seemingly EVERYONE fell in love with the Clark Kent type seen at the hearing, caring not that he's a total GOPer. Liberals will crush on right-wingers in the midst of the most important hearings in U.S. history. The opposite would never, ever happen. (He's likely Kayleigh McEnany's fuckin' lawyer.)