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Jul 12 2022
Charlie Puth's Undies + Tom Chase Returns! + Free Billy Porter Screening + Musk vs. Trump + Russian Gets MORE Anti-Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Charlie-puth-underwear-selfie-boyculture-gayLet's have socks. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: I'm not sure the message Charlie Puth's sending, but consider it received.

BELOW: Keep reading for THE Tom Chase, Musk vs. Trump, a trans art exhibit at Outfest and more ...

Tom-chase-boycultureTom today (Image via Caftan Chronicles)

CAFTAN CHRONICLES: Porn Boyculture-gay porn-male nudity Stripped Deliverance Tom Chase Falcon 1996 img20210616_12083950god Tom Chase is pushin' 60 — and wants to return to porn. The piece is a wide-ranging interview, which touches on many different subjects, including how he survived as a gay teen:

I don't care if you're effeminate if you're my friend. And I vote for the rights of everybody. But a lot of effeminate men come on to me because I'm what they want. But I don't want them. So Chris was everything that put me off. It's embarrassing to hang out with someone who swishes around. But we became friends anyway, although not sexually. And I adapted to his effeminacy. And I learned that he was not such a bad guy. We became best friends out of survival. We were tagged as gay in school. We avoided each other in the hallway and hung out after school. But then he got a car and we decided to go to this gay bar called The Village Station. We're underage with braces and acne, but the owner let us in anyway.



ELEVENT: Free screening in Brooklyn of Billy Porter's directorial debut, the rom-com Anything's Possible.

Billy-porter-boycultureThe possibilities are endless ... (Image via Elevent)

NYT: More on how Elon Musk is so rich and his followers such lemmings that he has been able to (mortally?) damage Twitter — and could walk away scot-free. Even Trump has turned on him. And he has, of course, now turned on Trump because of that. Gutless. No principles. Just an empathy-free blob of narcissism and greed.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Boris Johnson will be gone on September 6. (Maybe he and Trump can sail off into the sunset together?)

HERALD SUN: Trump has abruptly canceled a rally for this coming  Friday in Greensboro citing unforeseen circumstances. NO REFUNDS. And this comes as Trump and his cancerous progeny have been set to testify under oath that same day in Letitia James's investigation of the Trump Family finances.

AL JAZEERA: I vividly remember Russian gays swatting down concerns over their homeland's archaic anti-gay laws, even agreeing they protected kids. Now, Russia is probably moving to make those so-called propaganda laws apply to all adults, too.

KENNETH IN THE (212): This losing tennis player is a winner in the trunk-junk department.

BILLBOARD: Noah Cyrus is Little Edie.

EMMYS: Full list of Emmy nominees!

TWITTER: Dana Perino blithely said on Fox News that we explicitly don't have a First Amendment right to criticize or protest judges. Say what?!

TWITTER (FOLLOW ME HERE): Today's celeb b'days include Richard Simmons (where are you, gurl?!), Cheryl Ladd, Denise Nicolas and Tod Browning. I'm out! My Gr8erDays site is here. Plus, I list all these b'days (and obits and other fun stuff) here.

OUTNEWSGLOBAL: Actor-filmmaker-conceptual artist Lio Mehiel (Apple+'s WeCrashed) is presenting a new project called Ancient Futures at Outfest in L.A. from July 15-24. The exhibition, taking place at the Directors Guild of America in WeHo, is a three-part pop-up celebrating trans beauty. It includes stone sculptures cast from models Mehiel, A. Klass, Sydney Mae Diaz and Rain Valdez.

Ancient-futures-lio-mehielThe artist (inset) and one of the works to be exhibited in L.A. (Image by Lio Mehiel)