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Jul 23 2022
This Is A PetSmart, Ma'am Comments (0)

Ethan-schmidt-arizona-boycultureTHIS queen?! (Image via video still)

A professional harasser came for PetSmart employees for their store having a Pride flag up, but was told to leave instead.

The scary part is this guy and others are all parroting these dehumanizing arguments that queer people are sexualizing children — and they believe it:

On a lighter note, at the end, the guy is finally corrected after consistently calling the place PetCo instead of PetSmart.

Pure idiocy.

The guy doing this is Ethan Schmidt-Crockett of Arizona. He's been arrested — recently — and has threatened to HUNT queer people.

By the way, this woman's response to him during another bullshit incident is hilarious: